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Ahuacatlán is 100% Mexican and offers pure avocado oil made with the highest quality standards. Ahuacatlán, whose meaning is translated from Nahuatl as “place with an abundance of avocados”, precisely describes the brand’s natural oil because it takes between 33 to 44lbs. (15 to 20kg) of avocados to make one liter. Ahuacatlán produces RBDW oil (Refined, Bleached, Deodorized, Winterized), which results in a highly versatile oil that can be used cold or hot, is neutral and consistent in flavor, color, and aroma—all while remaining more stable with a longer shelf life. Discover 100% pure avocado oil at a more affordable price with Ahuacatlán.
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Avocado Oil (33.8oz)
Avocado Oil with Lime (500ml)
Avocado Oil with Garlic (500ml)