AcneCare offers a range of acne products, including the first oral pill for pimples in the Philippines. Say goodbye to pimples for good with AcneCare!

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About AcneCare

Acne is one of the more stubborn and annoying skin problems to deal with, especially when most of it is in the facial region. It’s a good thing, then, that health and wellness provider Vida Nutriscience has developed and manufactured Acnecure, the very first acne-busting pill in the Philippines. By taking two doses daily – one in the morning and one at night – even the worst-case acne sufferer will see quick results with their skin condition, and as such regain their self-confidence and sense of well-being.

Acnecare works by introducing a proprietary blend of Lactoferrin, Linumlife, and zinc gluconate into the consumer’s system. This creates an anti-microbial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect that addresses acne from within, rather than without. The end result is the acne resolving itself naturally as the tissues underneath get healthier and firmer.

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