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7Grains Company aims to offer convenient and sustainable food substitutions for you and your family. They source and create the best possible healthy alternatives to food that we normally consume at wallet-friendly prices. Their products are low in calories and contain significantly less sugar and salt than its commercial counterparts. They are adamant about not using artificial colors and flavor enhancers as well as all other bad-for-you ingredients—only honest ingredients that are abundant with nutritional benefits. Much of their efforts are placed on verifying, researching, and collaborating with their in-house food technicians and third-party organizations, locally and internationally, to ensure the safety and integrity of all their products. Make healthier choices with the 7Grains Company.

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About 7Grains Company

7Grains Company is your best friend for convenient and sustainable healthy, all-natural food swaps. It collaborates with like-minded individuals to promote ethical and compassionate companies and bring about healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable consumption for the nutrition-conscious eater.

Its products are low in calories, with less sugar and salt compared to your typical meal choices – a proof of its effort to provide the highest quality health alternatives without breaking the bank. 7Grains Company assures that all of its products are thoroughly verified and researched with the help of its local and international in-house food technicians and third-party organizations. As a result, its wide array of products only contains the best ingredients to nourish your body. Love carbs but hate the calories? Choose their Edamame or Yellow Bean Protein Pasta or their bestselling Shirataki Rice. The brand even offers healthy alternatives to ketchup, calamansi, and the uber sweet peanut butter snack we all love - minus all the sugar and calories.

BeautyMNL highly upholds wellness, whether it be internal or external nourishment. Availing of healthy alternatives is no problem thanks to the platform’s easy and accessible platform. Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is no sweat, all thanks to BeautyMNL.

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