2M Bottled Foods started as staple food for hiking trips with friends who loved eating spicy food on cold, camping nights. It eventually became a small business catering to friends and family’s cravings for authentic Bicol food. 2M Bottled Foods’ main ingredients are sourced from Bicol to maintain the quality of the taste of a homemade Bicolano staple foods.

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About 2M Bottled Foods

2M Bottled Foods is a local business specializing in authentic, all-natural, bottled foods ready for consumption. The brand is proud to create staple Filipino favorites that contain no artificial flavorings or preservatives. The brand has rapidly evolved through the years, from its humble beginnings as a barkada staple for cold, camping nights to becoming a catering business offering homemade Bicolano food.

Its hero product includes Mac’s Sinantol, a dish from the province of Bicol and Quezon with its main ingredient being santol (a tropical sour fruit), coconut, and shrimp. Sinantol is the perfect combination to that cup of rice (or two), or paired with crackers to make for a delicious savory snack. Originally made for outdoor food fit for adventures like hiking trips, Mac’s Sinantol has evolved into a daily staple that can satisfy anyone’s craving. Chili Namnam is also one of its bestsellers – a combination of chili oil and garlic for the perfect condiment or spice to give that extra kick to your meals.

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