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137 Degrees is the brainchild of a lactose-intolerant individual who who was unable to enjoy the taste of creamy, full, and wholesome taste milk. In a Eureka moment, she made nut milk, the perfect dairy-free milk alternative. Delicious and healthy, 137 Degree’s nut milks are just as—if not better—than the real thing.

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About 137 Degrees

One Sunday morning in the kitchen of a house numbered 137, the lactose intolerant brains behind Thai top nut milk producer Simple Foods Co. Ltd had an idea. Never being able to enjoy the full, creamy taste of cow’s milk, she thought that it was about time to create a great tasting alternative (that was also healthy!). Inspired by the taste of the fresh raw almonds that her father had brought home from a trip to the US, the nut milk brand 137 Degrees was born.

The dairy-free and gluten-free nut milk were combined with organic fragrant coconut flower nectar. Farmed from a nearby coconut farming community, the nectar is a local and sustainable ingredient that adds a unique floral taste, setting it apart from other nut milk on the market. The key to keeping it high quality? Boiling the milk at 137 degrees Celsius to preserve its nutrients while keeping it as fresh as can be! Following US-FDA standards for production, the Thailand-based brand has grown its market for affordable almond milk and pistachio milk to 15 countries and counting.

If you’re having trouble finding these items in your favorite malls and groceries, BeautyMNL is your best option to get a taste of 137 Degrees. It takes the eliminates the hassle of commuting and searching for the products on the shelves, giving you the quickest, easiest, and most convenient way to buy your favorite nut milk. With BeautyMNL, all you need to do is browse the online store, place an order, then wait for the delivery to arrive. It’s that simple.

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