So the Cara craze got you bad, did it? Believe it or not, your preoccupation with bushy brows might have less to do with your #girlcrush and more to do with science. In this Yahoo! Health article, two Canadian university professors explain how human eyebrows are much more than a natural shield for the eyes—and it is fascinating.
According to psychology professor Javid Sadr, brows help us interpret unspoken emotions and even recognize people’s faces (remember how hard it was to place these folks?). He says this is precisely why “we’re all subconsciously cued in to each other’s brows: how and when they move and what they look like.”

But that’s not all! According to ophthalmology professor Jean Carruthers, MD, bushy brows convey more power than thin ones. Why? Because thick brows are historically more masculine—and presently, they could signify female empowerment. “Just a little bit thicker, just a little bit less arch—that’s definitely going to get you attention,” she says. In short: girl power on fleek.

Suffice it to say, the full brow look isn’t slowing down any time soon. Whether you like your brows spic ‘n’ span or deliberately shaggy, we’re all about diversity. Check out 10 of our favorite full-browed femmes—they’ll show you how to work with what your momma gave you.


The über beautiful Julia is all brows. With God-given perfection like that, the only thing you’ll need is a brow gel to keep the hairs neat.


Teen queen Kathryn knows how important it is to choose the right color to color in her brows, whether she’s going for natural definition or fierce fleekage.


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We’re guessing Liza brushed her brows with a spoolie, covered the sparse areas with a brow powder, and sealed it all in with a coat of clear gel. Gorgeous.


A very regal Anne serves us some vampy lips and grown-out brows.


The stunning Solenn proves that full brows come in all densities. She’s working with two slim, arched babies that frame her face to a T.


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Belle gets away with a swipe of MLBB lipstick and lightly filled-in brows.


Janine is certainly leading the new model generation, but her thick brows are a throwback to one of the world’s firsts: Brooke Shields.


We love the super-straight brow look Yassi is pushing. Her brows complement her heart-shaped face perfectly. Yass, girl, yass.


TV darling Denise has angular brows that offset her doe eyes and pillowy pout.


Bringing this brow squad full circle is another beautiful Barretto: Claudia, the ingénue with the decadent arches.

Photos via Instagram: @deniseochoa (1, 2), @mickeysee, @annecurtissmith, @solennheussaff, @isabelledaza, @janinegutierrez, @yassipressman, @d_laurel, @claudiabarretto.