Honestly, we’re obsessed with hair. Nothing’s better than soft, shiny, healthy locks that float lightly around your shoulders and scent the air with a fresh fragrance. (Just ask that guy who secretly takes a whiff when you pass by!) The power of the mane means that one good hair day can embolden you to finally talk to your office crush—while a bad one means tight buns and ponytails, breaking out a beanie, or calling in sick to hide from the world (yikes).

So, how do you ensure well-behaved, silky-smooth strands on the regular? Consider any of these tried-and-true hair heroes to address your everyday tress stress.


Perhaps you suffer from chronic oily scalp and hair. Or you only like to shampoo every other day. Or you live in a hot and humid climate—hello, Manila! The trick is to absorb the build-up of oil from the get-go, before it slowly makes its way down from roots to tips.

A purifying shampoo like Phyto’s can help regulate your scalp’s natural secretions, especially when followed by a clarifying treatment (we love L’Occitane’s Fresh Hair Scalp Tonic). On non-wash days, try Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Dry Shampoo to touch up greasy roots while adding volume to hair.


The bad news: we live in a country with high humidity, which causes your hair’s cuticles to rise up and get unruly (especially if you have dry hair to begin with). The good news: those pesky, frizzy flyaways can be soothed into submission.

Start with a protein-packed, moisturizing lather in the shower so your hair is less likely to react to humidity—Redken’s Real Control Shampoo and Conditioner were made for this. Then apply a silicone-based serum or natural nourishing oil to coat each strand and keep your hair cuticles lying flat. We swear by Davines’ Oi Oil, made with exotic roucou, which reportedly has the anti-frizz power of argan.


Too much heat styling, coloring, straightening, and curling can do serious damage to your ‘do. Aside from giving your hair a good detox from chemical processes, you can nurse it back to health with a deep-conditioning treatment, leave-in conditioner, or rejuvenating elixir packed full of nutrients and natural oils. Our suggestions, in that order: TRESemmé’s Keratin Smooth Treatment Mask, Bedhead/TIGI’s Superstar Leave-In Conditioner, and DAC London’s Trichology Argan Hair Elixir.


Limp and lifeless-looking hair is most often caused by product buildup. The solution? Remove any residue from your scalp with a clarifying shampoo like this one by Avalon Organics (it’s lemon-scented!). Then, work to bring back your hair’s natural nutrients using a mask at least once a week. As a quick fix, you may also apply a hair shine serum. Lucky for you, Korean brand Skinlite’s Intensive Shine & Hydrate Treatment gives you both a mask and serum in one packet! #Efficiency


Suffering from a sensitive scalp, dandruff, or other skin conditions like sebhorreic dermatitis and eczema? You’ll need a mild, moisturizing, and purifying hair care product to soothe scalp dryness, inflammation, flaking, and itchiness. Look for ingredients with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties combined with calming essential oils. Try these: Head & Shoulders’ Smooth & Silky Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Zenutrients’ Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Conditioner, and Davines’ Purifying Gel (works for scalp anything, really).