Yes, yes, unicorns are imaginary creatures. But if there’s any industry that encourages you to play make-believe, it’s beauty! So, while these mythical horses don’t exist IRL, we’ve got the next best thing: unicorn makeup brushes. This PRO Studio set comes with 4 essential pieces. Although that may seem a little limiting, the versatility of each brush makes up for it. Here’s exactly what you get: a large powder brush for foundation and setting powder, a blush brush to spruce up your cheeks, an eyeshadow brush for precise application, and an angled brush for brow color and eyeliner.
Whimsical, no? Inspired by the unicorn’s mane, each brush features purple dip-dyed bristles and iridescent rainbow handles. Not only would these look absolutely gorgeous on your vanity, they’re practical, too.

The cherry on top: you’ll only have to cough up P379 for this whole set. With a price tag like that, who wouldn’t want some unicorn magic in their makeup routine? Keep scrolling to see how each brush works!


STEP 1: First things first: foundation. Use the powder brush to distribute powder or mineral foundation over the face. STEP 2: With the blush brush, pop your choice of color over the apples of your cheeks. Diffuse any harsh edges.
STEP 3: With the same brush, you can also highlight your face! Just clean the bristles with facial tissue, then use it to highlight your cheekbones, nose, and the cupid’s bow.
STEP 4: Now, apply a wash of color to your eyes. Just tap the eyeshadow brush into any shade and use a windshield-wiper motion for a seamless finish. STEP 5: Finally, shape and fill your brows using the angled brush.
See that? You’ve got to believe in magic!
The PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives 4-Piece Unicorn Brush Set is available on BeautyMNL for P379. Shop it right here!

Photos by Kat Austria

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