Not-so-fun fact: we use over 500 million plastic straws every day, and they all end up in the ocean. This is not only dangerous and deadly to marine life, it sucks for you, too! Oceans are responsible for the oxygen we breathe, and ultimately, a lot of the food we eat.
While straws aren’t the only kind of plastic to worry about, they actually have the most dramatic impact on our environment. They’re quite literally a single-serving of pollution, one that many of us use every single day without thinking. We’ll give you a second to think about that.


So, if you want to live without straws (and ultimately, plastic), where’s a concerned human to start? Sip PH proposes one simple starting point: steel straws.
Seeing as we exist in a coffee-, smoothie-, and takeout-dependent culture, plastic straws make frequent appearances in our mealtimes. But they really don’t have to! With a steel straw set in your purse, you can enjoy all your go-to drinks without all the unnecessary plastic use.
It may not seem like a lot, but skipping all that mindless straw usage will add up. Every time you skip the plastic straw and use your steel buddy instead, that’s one less straw polluting our oceans, winding up inside marine life, and hurting you and the planet.


Like we said, switching to steel straws is just your first stop on the zero-waste train. There are many other ways to get on the right track, starting with the three easy swaps below.
1. BAMBOO UTENSILS. Instead of plastic spoons and forks, go for bamboo. Made from sustainably-produced bamboo, these are easy to clean and even easier to carry around with you.

2. ESSENTIAL OILS. Instead of air fresheners, go for essential oils. The former usually comes with a bevy of compounds that are harmful to us and our surroundings. Essential oils, on the other hand, not only smell fantastic, they’re also all-natural.

3. REUSABLE CUPS. Instead of plastic or paper cups, go for reusable cups. Make it a habit to bring your own container when buying drinks—and of course, bring your steel straw along for the ride, too. Two for two!
So, what eco-friendly switches will you be making today?

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