We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: hydration is the foundation of any good skincare routine. It’s responsible for everything that keeps your complexion healthy. No matter what your skin type, proper hydration will strengthen your moisture barrier, fight aging, and restore balance. Meaning, you can never have enough.
That brings us to this week’s beauty obsession: hydra facials. For dewier skin, a hydration-boosting, skin-fortifying facial might be just what you’re looking for. This gentle treatment is touted as a one-size-fits-all facial. It targets 3 common issues: hyperpigmentation, congested pores, and fine lines. The result: visibly brighter, smoother skin, and the kind of moisture level that makes your face bounce.

You’ll just have to experience it to believe it! Below, find 3 hydra facials you can book for yourself right now.

THE FACIAL: Hydra Facial
THE CLINIC: Skinplicity (Quezon City)
Got a big event and no time to prep? This 30-minute session will get you party-ready in a snap. By feeding your skin intense moisture, it actively banishes dry patches. Perfect for dull and dry skin days!
During this half-hour facial, expect a total skin purge. It combines deep cleansing treatments with a series of pampering procedures. First, your pores are unclogged with a Vitamin C-infused steam, followed by a blackhead extraction. Then, your skin is coated with a customized mask for maximum glow. For the finale, you’re treated to a layering of rich cortisol cream and moisturizing sunblock to ensure total skin protection. When you walk out of the clinic, it’ll be with your most luminous complexion ever.

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THE FACIAL: Hydrafacial
THE CLINIC: Oracle Korean Aesthetic Clinic (Makati)
If long work hours and sun exposure have worn you down, make this rejuvenating facial your go-to remedy. It basically crams days of beauty sleep into a quick 30-minute sesh. FYI, this facial uses the exact same techniques and treatments that originated in the Oracle HQ in South Korea.
Let’s break down each phase of pampering. First, cleansing! Using an Activ-4 and Beta-HD serum infusion, deep-dwelling impurities are gently coaxed out. Next, our favorite part: the non-invasive vacuum suction. This high-tech procedure draws out dirt to ensure clean skin from the inside out. Once that’s done, moisture is locked in with a final layer of anti-oxidizing serum. The result is supremely hydrated, plump and youthful skin. Sold!

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THE FACIAL: Hydra Facial
THE CLINIC: Skinlux Aesthetic Center (San Juan)
The fountain of youth may not exist IRL, but this facial makes up for it. Think of it as the ultimate anti-aging routine. In just 45 to 60 minutes, this expert treatment visibly plumps wrinkles by applying layers upon layers of moisture over them.
It starts just like any skincare routine—with cleansing, washing, and toning. The real show begins with the exfoliation. Using a vacuum-based skin abrasion tip, dead cells are lifted away, revealing new skin underneath. That new skin is then treated to a series of nourishing serum infusions. As if that wasn’t enough to rejuvenate your skin, the facial ends with your technician applying Nelly De Vuyst Cream and an anti-aging mask all over your face. Voilà, a luxury fit for all skin types (and skin ages).

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No matter which hydra facial you choose to go with, your complexion will thank you!

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