Has anybody ever told you that your makeup makes you look like a clown?

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We’ll explain exactly what’s going on here in a minute. But first: how do you contour? Let us count the ways! To begin with, there’s the Kardashian face-painting technique we’re all used to. Then, there’s the highlight-heavy strobing trend, which all the French girls started doing this year. There’s also that new-fangled “baking” method we just found out about—which, to tell you the truth, we’re not completely sold on.

And whaddaya know—before we’ve even had time to acquaint ourselves with the DIYs for the aforementioned, yet another contouring craze is popping up on social media. This look takes its cue from—you guessed it!—clowns.

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That’s YouTube makeup artist Belladelune, who jumpstarted this colorful technique two weeks ago when she posted it on Instagram. To paint her face, she uses cream and liquid formulas of foundation, highlighter, bronzer, blush, and colored concealer. This rainbow combination sculpts her features, illuminates her skin, and color-corrects any dark or sallow areas. But apparently, the real secret to clown contouring, which Belladelune has dubbed an “art form,” is the post-paint blending.

For the full YouTube demo, click here. From what we’ve seen, Belladelune uses a Beauty Blender (or a similar egg-shaped sponge) as well as a flat-top foundation brush to seamlessly meld all these colors together.

So, does clown contouring really work? We’re not sure how all those makeup layers would withstand Philippine temps—but the results are pretty darn impressive.

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Here’s a fresh-faced clown contour attempt:

And a no-makeup makeup look with just a hint of pink:

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And if you’re headed somewhere fancy in the near future, check out this date-friendly approach finished with a red lip:

So, if you’ve got some free time over the long weekend, why not give this thing a whirl?

The more creative, the better. And who knows? You just might enjoy all the clowning around. PUN INTENDED.

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