It’s with a sense of triumph that we have witnessed The Epic Rise of Primer. When it first came into fashion, primer was seen as a hassle, a superfluous extra step. Now, it’s an everyday staple. Why? Because primer makes your skin look noticeably better—simple as that.

This sheer, weightless product fills cavernous pores, sops up oil, blurs blemishes, and even shields you from the sun. You can layer it under makeup to enhance your handiwork or use it solo for a silken feel. Beats us why anyone would withhold that pleasure from themselves!
Primers have become so beloved in this industry, certain brands are now synonymous with them. One such brand is K-beauty’s Banila Co., which makes a killing off its incredible primer assortment. It’s not just hype, mind you—two out of its six primers won big at the 2016 BeautyMNL Awards. Does Banila make the best primers in Asia? You know what, yeah, we wouldn’t question that. Now here’s how to figure out the best one for you.
YOUR BEST BET: Prime Primer Classic, P1,090

This is the bottle that launched a thousand spinoffs (or at least five). The Prime Primer Classic is Banila’s OG formula and you can really feel it. This translucent gel keeps your makeup sealed and maintains the softness of your skin. Its finish is not quite matte but not quite dewy, either—just healthy. If you’ve got a clear complexion, it’s perfect for that my-skin-but-better look.

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YOUR BEST BET: Prime Primer Matte, P1,090

What we love about this primer is its soft-matte-but-not-flat finish. When it sets, it feels powdery and skin-like, as though you’ve just blotted your bare face. It prevents your makeup from melting off and diminishes the halo of oil that surfaces post-lunch. If, in the grueling Philippine heat, your face still oils up, it will do so evenly, and you’ll look luminous instead of slick.

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YOUR BEST BET: Prime Primer Hydrating, P1,090

Most folks use primer to kill shine—which begs the question, what if you’re completely dry? That’s where a hydrating primer comes in. Because dry skin types are more prone to wrinkles and rough patches, this primer adds an extra layer of moisture to smooth over those issues. It also makes your skin look fresher and more vibrant with its gorgeous satin finish.

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YOUR BEST BET: Prime Primer Purity, P1,185

Prone to redness, rashes, and irritation? This primer is especially made for delicate skin. A non-comedogenic formula, it’s free from seven skin baddies including parabens, mineral oils, and benzophenone. Don’t worry about breaking out with this one—just look forward to the veil of velvet perfection it casts over your skin.

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YOUR BEST BET: Prime Primer Blur, P1,090

We find this primer particularly fascinating because it works like a CC cream! Although it’s sheer like the rest of Banila’s primers, it’s not exactly colorless. The formula is pinkish in tone, so it corrects imperfections such as dark marks and under-eye circles. When you add concealer or foundation later on, these imperfections will be virtually invisible. The primer is also infused with fine pearl particles to give the skin radiance and a soft-focus finish.

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YOUR BEST BET: Prime Primer Sun, P1,090

So you can’t be bothered to do much else to your face after moisturizer? You need this multi-tasking primer in your lazy-girl life. It combines Banila’s award-winning, sebum-controlling, pore-filling formula with awesome sun protection. We’re talking SPF50, people.

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Top photo of model: Banila Co.