While most of us are keeping ourselves indoors, it’s important to keep our health in check. This, of course, includes getting enough exercise. Whether it’s following Youtube workouts or making use of our home gym equipment, regular exercise benefit us beyond those feel-good endorphins. This includes reducing the risk of disease, preserving mental health, and improving sleep quality. By moving around, it helps us avoid lying or sitting down for long periods of time—which can often result in feeling sluggish and unproductive.

Whey protein is often associated as a workout staple due to its muscle-building benefits. It helps the body look trim and recover more quickly—which is why it makes the perfect post-workout drink after you’ve completed your home workouts. Below, we list five health benefits of whey protein. Drink up!


Protein is known to be the most satiating macronutrient. There are studies that it helps you feel for longer. It fact, one study showed that it can cut cravings by 60% and late-night snacking by half.


Since whey protein keeps you satiated for longer, it can prevent you from overeating. Another study showed that it helped participants consumed fewer calories in a day without having to actively limit their portions.


Another benefit of whey protein? Compared to other weight loss aids is that helps you keep muscle and lose pounds. Whey protein contains plenty of essential amino acids which help increase strength and lose body fat.


Because of these essential amino acids, whey protein brings in the building blocks for glutathione. Glutathione is touted as the “master antioxidant” because it plays a critical role in helping the immune system fight off infections.


Studies have also shown that whey protein can also lower blood pressure for those with elevated blood pressure. This because it contains ACE-inhibitors, which are bioactive peptides that are called lactokinins.

If you’re looking to try whey protein, why not opt to try one of Wheyl’s powders? There are ten flavors in total—one of which is bound to tickle your tastebuds. Think: Mint Chip, Brown Boba, Nutty Banana, Salted Chocolate, Mocha, Naked White, Double Berry, Matcha, Melon Milk or in this instance, Caramel. Plus, they’re made with unprocessed ingredients and zero artificial flavors or preservatives to keep your protein hit as pure as possible. Intrigued? To discover more of Wheyl’s items, view them here!

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