Happy solar returns, vivacious Virgins! All this bright, reinvigorating energy signifies a new beginning in the right direction for your personal new year. Single Virgos will be excited to find that they’re ready for a “change in type,” apart from the usual prospects. In a relationship? Stay grounded on the 17th, and look forward to some TLC!

Intuition is strong for excellent financial guidance. You’re positively luminous on the 13th, 22nd and 30th! Seek out yummy, healthy alternatives at your local farmer’s market. Then, channel your emotions into a spirited swim or dance sesh on the 21st.


This month, expect expansion and clarity with regard to your financial future, but stick to your budget on the 12th. Take your workout outdoors on the weekend of the 16th. The fiery influence of Mars also brings an energy great for solidifying relationships. Make time to reconnect with a friend on the 19th.

Planet of expansion Jupiter enters your sign at the end of the month, ushering in oodles of confidence and affluence. Your charm makes you a natural in social situations. Just be yourself, enhancing what you’ve got instead of trying to mask it!


It’s all about body language and the perfect pout on the 4th—a little flirtation could go a long way for those single and seeking! Accept the free-flowing compliments from the 6th to the 8th. You leave your audience absolutely fascinated. The lunar eclipse on the 16th holds sway over your love relationships, and romance will soar!

This is a good time to give back and engage in philanthropic activities and charity work. Be open to business negotiations on the 21st. Health and fitness are fabulous this month, especially for those focusing on weight loss.


You’ll feel extra appreciated by your family and best mates around the 5th. Your ruling planet is shifting into Libra, gracing an improvement for your love life. There will harmonious caring between couples. Single Archers will be drawn to influence but should maintain their grounded viewpoint. Reconnect with your partner on the 8th. Focus on strengthening your core around the 9th: mentally and midsection-wise.

The week of the 19th sees you buzzing about like a busy bee, but in a very productive fashion. After all that jazz, you’ll be as delightfully cool as a cucumber from the 24th onwards.


September brings boundless success when it comes to goal setting and achievement. Hard workers looking to be more financially independent and even those still in school will find that they can easily work with this energy shift. A double-duty color cream for the lips and cheeks is just what you need when on the go, busy Capricorns!

Pay attention to revisions on the 11th—the Retrograde is a good time for anything beginning with “re” (reassess, refurbish, restructure, and even ‘’rest’’). Be flexible on the 15th and find alternatives if your gym instructor or equipment of choice is unavailable. Go with the flow in romance around the 17th. You don’t always have to make the first move!


September heralds a prosperous month for you super-Aquarians! Domestic matters fade into the background as career and education come in front and center. This month calls for a purge of negativity and what no longer serves you.

Some of you water-bearers might hear from an ex who is ready to put the past behind them. You get to decide which cards to lay on the table: will it be a second chance or just friendship? Turn up the heat on the body building and aerobics on the 15th—it’s all about balance. Intensify your look eyes on the 23rd if you’re feeling sexy and unstoppable!


Get some rest to gear up for a fun, frivolous day on the 2nd! Encourage your workout buddy on the 6th. Sometimes, all we need is a little push and a vote of confidence. Incorporate new music into your daily routine and you’ll have a spring in your step on the way to work!

The 9th is a lovely time for getting together with some friends for a stay-at-home Spa Day. The 15th is extremely fortuitous, especially for Pisceans on the job hunt. Mercury will help you gain some clarity with your relationship goals. You’re feeling très chic on the 26th: do it like the French girls with just a dab of sheer coverage.


Keep an open mind for something straight-out-of-a-fairytale around the 17th. Relationship opportunities in social situations such as parties and (even in academic environments) abound for single rams this month! Health and vitality will be on point this month. Mark our words: the 17th is a fortuitous day.

It won’t hurt to double check all the details at work until the 22nd. Prioritize your inner circle of friends and family on the 25th. Stay true to your fiery, blazing nature with a pop of color as you lead your pack to victory on the 26th.


The health and fashion sectors are favored this month when it comes to business investments. With Mercury overseeing your financial situation, your monetary acumen will be particularly thorough. Also, September is especially soaked with romance for you! Single bulls looking for someone unique and quirky can turn to the energy of the 8th for support.

Channel that same vibe with a coat of Carnation ColorBurst Lipstick. The 17th and 18th are wonderful for sharing life plans. Get ambitious and break your running record on the 21st. Think full-on spontaneity on the 24th. Welcome the fun on the 30th with a bright smile and wide-open arms. TGIF indeed!


Dash into September with an energizing morning run, followed by a hearty breakfast of whole grains and yogurt on the 1st. The 16th kicks off a light and easy weekend for you—think yoga and relaxation. Reward yourself with some retail therapy on the 21st—you’re eating smarter and feeling fantastic, and you deserve it.

While you focus on your workout regimen, be sure to pay attention to your emotional fitness as well. Try a chakra cleanse for a feeling of inner calm, and try to end each day with soothing soak.


Pencil in that hike for the weekend of the 10th. Professional activities will take a bit of a backseat as domestic matters come to the forefront. This is a good time to hunt for real estate, feeling and looking glamorous, and investing in luxurious possessions—but leave off the technological purchases until after the Retrograde ends on the 22nd.

September is a harmonious time for love and affection. Wear your heart on your sleeve on the 23rd and let that special someone know how strongly you feel about them. The 28th sees you in a blissful state.


September rings in a fruitful month for Lions in marketing, media, and PR work. Profit and monetary matters are superb, and might involve travelling for business. The 13th and 14th are great for outdoor team sports like volleyball and football.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th sets a very amorous mood for you and your partner. Take advantage of that moonlight, sun babies! Networking opportunities abound on the 23rd. It’s time for a fresh change on the 24th—a hair makeover, perhaps? The 28th onwards is a good time to go within and plan your next course of action.

Illustrations by Erika Gue and Katrina Echon