A water-based workout calls out to you on the 2nd. You’ve been a driving force behind the scenes at the office, so when it feels overwhelming, remember that they approach you because you’re amazing at what you do. You’re feeling refreshed and re-born in October: all the nitty gritty details surrounding the retrograde cycle fall away this month.

The 11th is your luckiest day! The 15th marks an enjoyable weekend for romantic pursuits, so keep your skin as soft as honey. You’ve got the right answers on the 18th, you achiever, you. All you need to do on the 27th-28th is stay confident and shine bright!


Beat your own record on the 4th, and trust your gut feel on the 14th. A moonlit walk with your lover could be in order on the 16th. Venus breezes through your sign until the 20th, keeping the scent of l’amour heavy in the air! Keep those puckers primed for plenty of bisous.

Scorpions seeking solace will find it. This is thanks to the presence of Jupiter in your house of healing and constant transitions for a full year. The 24th has success written all over it, while a new opportunity will present itself just in time for Halloween. Are you ready for the next chapter?


Act as if, until you are. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Make sure you communicate as clearly as possible on the 11th. You could find a new crew to rendezvous with at that new workout class. The full moon on the 16th gives single Sags the extra boost to go full steam ahead—or end things, relationship-wise.

Stay true to your heart! Coupled Sags will build on trust and support around the 20th. This is a fortuitous time for crowd-funding projects. Boost your natural beauty on the 28th—you’ll absolutely smolder with charisma on the 30th.


Victory has your name on it on the 11th! It’s time to channel some of that intense energy you’ve allocated to your career into to your love life. The time for hiding is over. Let yourself be courted and wooed, and welcome the sparks.

Stay focused with your exercise plan and don’t stop moving. A sunset run with a buddy on the 15th, followed by a potent addition to your skincare regimen, will reinvigorate your confidence. No shame in starting from scratch on the 20th. That idea you had while traveling earlier this year might just be your next entrepreneurial pursuit.


In order to fully seal that connection, it’s time to reveal just how much of a modern unicorn you are. That “’right person, wrong time” situation might change for the good on the 7th, taking a turn for commitment.

October holds a surprise for single Aquarians in the form of someone to charm your socks off. Charm them right back with those doll eyes of yours that stare straight into their soul. Pay attention to the signs on the 9th. With Jupiter in your house of worldly endeavors, you might be reaching for your passport soon. On the 29th, a yoga sesh will help you feel cleansed and less toxic.


Go a longer distance with your run on the 6th. A portal of fantastic new beginnings opens up for you this month! Look forward to the blessings and stroll with confidence to the other side.

The weekend of the 15th is great for group activities and romantic endeavors. Have a hearty and healthy Full Moon dinner! Single Pisceans will suddenly find themselves gawking at the buffet of choices—but choose your partner wisely. There’s some serious magnetism between coupled fish now. Might be time to pick up a new perfume or shake up those routine dates.


The start of October heralds a great romantic season for both coupled and single rams. The 6th is wonderful for those seeking potential partners: think candlelit dinners with in-depth conversation. Coupled rams, on the other hand, are open to greater communication with their significant others around the 11th.

Change things up a notch on the 10th when it comes to your workout routine. Try a different jogging path or incorporate new poses into your Pilates. Your dreams come to fruition on the 16th in light of the full moon in your sign. So get out there and give it your blood, sweat, and tears—while still staying fresh, of course).


It wouldn’t hurt to do a double-check on the 7th before signing that contract or solidifying an investment. Treat yourself on the weekend of the 17th by indulging in a massage, a hot bath, and a total body scrub. Your luckiest day this month falls on the 19th!

Take notes and delve into the details on the 20th. Multi-tasking and time management are key to your success on the 22nd. Inspiration strikes on the 27th. If you manage to strike a balance between your office shifts and time at the gym, you’ll be ending 2016 with a toned booty and a terrific bonus, to boot!


Moderation in your workout will prevent you exhaustion on the 7th. Then, once you’ve gotten your bearings, you can resume the intensity on the 10th. Spread your social butterfly wings on the weekend of the 17th—it’s time you broke out that new lip color you’ve been saving for a special occasion!

Did you make the most of the retrograde by reflecting and revising? As your ruler Mercury goes direct again, a do-over (at work, at home) wouldn’t hurt. Bust out your dancing heels on the 26th! Come Halloween weekend, you’ll be feeling fab and looking fly in whatever costume you decide upon. Jupiter moves into your house of romance for a whole year. Lucky!


Good news: you’ll have a healthy glow all month. You’ve got great form on the 3rd, and your energy levels are high! This will support your transformation into a fitter and trimmer version of yourself, especially if you do a little something extra on the side. The 13th heralds some fun and adventure with the beau, while the Full Moon weekend of the 15th puts you in the mood for a fiesta.

On the 19th, you’ll need to rise up to the challenge. Instead of tackling everything on your own, learn to delegate and outsource. Recharge your batteries on the 30th, because you’ll be out and about again on the 31st!


Aim to improve your strength on the 1st. The 16th is ideal for outdoor activities. A friend could use your words of motivation on the 20th, while the 23rd calls for wining and dining your romantic partner. Your social life gains traction with Jupiter in Libra for a full year. It’s a swell time for single lions to get their rawr on!

Bring out the rebel in you on the 29th. You could rock a new color, break out those “novelty” shoes, or just do something completely unexpected. Take note, the 30th is your sexiest day this month! You will be stunningly radiant in October, as what you’ve been working on finally comes into fruition.


Start something new on the 1st—this is a must. The aspects on the 2nd favor vulnerability, especially in romance, so express yourself (however hard that sounds). You’ve waited a long time for this moment, and you need to be fully present. Coupled Virgos may find themselves busting out a spare set of keys or co-signing a lease to move in together. Aw!

Writing lyrics or poetry will appeal to you greatly on the 12th to the 13th. Relieve anxiety with a stress-melting brew so the words can just flow. Eliminate distractions on the 17th; you need time for reflection. Take heed of words of wisdom that come your way around the 22nd. And just a heads-up: it’s going to be a win for you on the 26th.

Illustrations by Erika Gue and Katrina Echon