As a new month begins, regroup and recuperate—it’s an onward march to victory from here on out! All systems are set to go, even with the extra workload on the 10th. Trust in your creative hunches. Find a quick refreshment during the workday to let yourself recharge. All the extra hours will definitely take you to the next level, career-wise.

Romantically, this is the time to spoil and be spoiled, especially around the 18th. Single Scorpios may tend to gravitate towards a fiery partner-in-crime. Ditch the treadmill for the great outdoors on the 26th for an extremely rejuvenating run. This is a dynamic month for you!


Rise and shine for an early workout on the 1st. Romantic issues clear up on the 2nd. The 5th is a fortuitous day for communication and outsourcing. Cater to your spicy side on the 12th with a sensual, skin-warming massage. The 13th calls for an intense cardio sesh! Invest in a new sturdy pair of cross training shoes.

The Full Moon on the 14th aids you in letting go of what no longer serves you. The 17th onwards is great for strengthening bonds of friendship. On the 18th, melt your cares away with a session of pampering (a steam bath would be ideal!).


The world is your oyster, sweet Cappie! Follow your instincts and find inner treasures you didn’t even know you possessed. A weekend getaway on the 12th will give you the boost you need and remove any pessimistic feelings you’ve been trying to shake off. Can’t leave the city? Get creative with a poolside party and some sea salt spray to bring the waves to you.

Stimulate your senses on the 12th by booking a couple’s massage, followed by fine dining with your beau. The Full Moon on the 14th is a fun time for both coupled and single Capricorns. Address dietary concerns on the 17th. The 19th calls for a mysterious, beautiful evening, so get ready for an enigma.


The 8th is a sumptuous day all around! Treat yourself to a spur-of-the-moment blowout of a gel mani-pedi—even in the comfort of your own home! To feel absolutely energized, swap your usual caffeinated brew for an organic fruit medley shake on the 10th.

The Full Moon of the 14th encourages a firm base in love—stay open and hear each your partner out. Keep your eyes peeled for new business opportunities around the 16th. The 18th is fantastic for fresh romance if you’re an Aquarian swimming in the dating pool. Stay honest with yourself and let things bloom naturally. Adventure calls on the 23rd!


Stay motivated and stick to your fitness goals on the 1st! Your professional goals are on fire, whether that means being groomed for an executive role or leveling up your entrepreneurial venture. Is it time to polish up your work wardrobe? Yes. Try a palette that combines both neutral and vibrant hues—you’re going for easy sophistication.

For those transitioning to a new field, the motivating energy of Mars will see you through. Embrace the momentum! Things begin to shape up for you romantically following the Full Moon of the 14th. It’s all about showing (and noticing) love by paying attention to the little things on the 18th.


Sign up for aerobics or a new spin class on the 3rd. The 4th is ideal for releasing what no longer serves you. Under the glow of the Taurus Full Moon of the 14th, you Rams will reap the rewards of personal goals you set back in May. Harness that burst of energy on the 15th by visualizing your next set of accomplishments.

Make time for your significant other on the 23rd. The travel bug bites hard on the 29th, and the only cure is snap on those sneakers and go-go-go! Don’t forget to stay safe, look both ways, and of course, sun-proof!


Wake up to an inspiring day for fitness and hit the jogging path before breakfast. The 8th is great for a detox, be it at the gym or the juice bar. Try a new recipe on the 17th and trade rice for quinoa. You won’t regret it!

A new romantic phase begins for you by the Full Moon on the 14th. Both partnered and single Taurus signs will find more reasons to love. Another fresh start in your career-and-opportunities sector beckons on the 24th. The New Moon on the 30th gives you that extra motivation to succeed. Take your swagger to super sexy (read: pouty!) proportions. Oh, how confidence becomes you.


This has been a fabulous year for career and work so far. Freelance Gemini natives may find themselves relocating to a new work space and meeting some possible collaborators along the way. Exciting!

The 6th fosters a stronger foundation of trust with your partner. Single Geminis might suddenly realize that one prospect sticks out like a neon sign amidst candles. Follow your gut, and be yourself (but better) around them. The odds are in your favor! Schedule a massage on the 26th to give yourself a little me-time. November’s looking stellar for you.


Met someone new? A getting-to-know you dinner is ideal for the first half of the month. Finding that sweet spot between work and play means preparing ahead. Do some research on healthy but succulent meal plans for the weekend of the 5th (this will help you for the month ahead). Just so you know, you’re on fire on the 12th.

The 16th is great for building trust with your S.O. There’s no suppressing your creativity on the 19th—let it flow and watch your work transform in exciting and innovative ways. The 24th has success written all over it! A restorative yoga sesh followed by a refreshing face mask will do a body good on the 29th.


You should be dancing your way into November. Doing a double-take when a pal passes you by? That certain someone might just be upgraded from the Friend Zone. Take your time and let the intimacy build. The 4th is a smooth time for single Lions to take online flirtation into the real world. Let yourself be treated for once during the Full Moon. You deserve it!

Downtime is in order on the 19th—chill out with some lavender treats and get your loved ones in on the action. Get a second opinion on the 16th. Celebrate your hard work on the 20th—you’ve made it this far and things look brighter from here!


Tap into your scenic and social senses by meetig up with friends for a catch-up. A brisk walking sesh or group massage are in order on the 3rd. There’s nothing to be shy about on the 6th! Flaunt what you’ve got, be it kissable lips or eyebrows to die for—just in time for a new romance.

Bare some skin when you’re poolside on the 16th! Find the fun in fitness on the 18th. You absolutely slay at work on the 23rd, lucky duck! Indulge and give thanks on the 24th. Your intuition peaks on the 27th, so try third-eye chakra meditation to manage the influx of energy.


Blast through the 1st with a power run or a day dedicated to your legs. It’s not hard to go gaga over gourmet delicacies and a splash of red vintage with your date on the 14th. Sophisticated and sexy are your keywords for this month! Match your mood with a seductive shade of lipstick.

Experiment with a new look on the 16th. Think comfort over style when striding to a presentation on the 18th. A bit of retail therapy is just what the style guru ordered! Squeeze in an aerobics video on the 21st, then flirt your way to a fab evening on the 26th!

Illustrations by Carmela Dagdag