The 11th to the 13th favor your success! Take time to really analyze things before moving forward with that project you’ve been working on—the Universe has your back, but it doesn’t hurt to be thorough.

Temperatures rise as Venus, planet of love, moves into Cancer. You can’t help but amp up that come-hither factor around the 12th. Taken Geminis, let your partner soak it all in. Single Geminis, don’t be surprised if your inbox starts flooding with invites! Things are going to really start heating up, so keep your smoldering smokey eyes on point.


Oh, sweet, nurturing Cancerians! As much as you’d like to be there for everyone at once, Hermione’s time turner is (sadly) not available on the market yet. Manage your time around the 8th and realize that saying “no” isn’t always a bad thing.

Single and seeking crabs, something new and exhilarating can help you let go and let love in on the 12th! The 17th is your luckiest day this week. Say yes to that lovin’ feeling by embracing a heart-racing, flattered-girl flush (and if you’re not a natural blusher, there’s always, well, blush.


The 8th and 9th present an abundance of solar sparkle, meaning they’re both extremely fortunate days for you. You might hear back from that hottie down the road, a certain co-worker might surprisingly be of help—the possibilities are endless. You know that cut-and-color raffle they’re holding at the salon? Well…all we’re saying is keep crossing those fingers.

Monitor your snacking, favoring granola and goji berry smoothies over French fries and soda. Paired with your regular cardio, this balanced diet will show improved results by the 12th. If you want to uphold your confidence and commitment to wellness, a specialty tea might be right up your alley.


Dependable Virgos, the 8th will bring you a good reminder to stock up on healthier options, while the 9th is a good day to strengthen bonds with a partner. Additionally, the 12th and 13th are fabulous for singles to get out there and shed any inhibitions!

If something feels a bit off on the 14th, find a source of ease and let your creativity soar. As Natasha Beddingfield sings, “Feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you”—because when it rains, it pours. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing remains to be seen, although we’d suggest a waterproof magic wand just in case.


Navigating your way around unfamiliar faces and uncharted territory around the 7th or 8th? Just be your beautiful self and you’ll do more than just “fit in.” RSVP for that invitation on the 11th—this could be your lucky break! It’s also a good day to take the workout outdoors instead of being confined to the gym.

A quarter moon in Virgo on the 12th heralds a quiet but intense dawn of romance. Keep your mug stunning but subtle with natural tones.


Let your imagination gallop wildly around the 8th. Be sure to match your out-of-this-world musings with concrete steps to turn them into reality! On the 11th, let some fresh air in and do a clean sweep of your mind as well as your body.

An aspect on the 12th or 13th makes for a great time to reconnect with long-lost pals. Grab a drink or bust out your Cards Against Humanity deck for some good ol’ laughs. To make a great impression at your meet-up, bust out your latest statement pieces. It’s time.


You can expect a wonderful windfall around the 9th, but focus on the “thank yous” instead of the “what-ifs.” It’s all about enjoying the ride. For those archers in new relationships, make it a point to keep your friends in the loop, especially around the 10th. A movie marathon-turned-takeout night might be just what the doctor ordered!

As the Neptune retrograde approaches on the 13th, be sure to stay refreshed and hydrated—you’re going to need it from top to toe.


Bejewel your meals with colorful fruits around the 8th. Peaches, strawberries, and apples are the ideal gems to scatter over your Greek yogurt, you health buff, you. And if this edible harvest isn’t enough for you, extend the natural fervor to your hygiene as well.

Whether you’re coupled up or deep into the dating scene, the 12th and 13th will ring a fresh batch of getting-to-know-you energy. Incorporate new activities (like exercise!) into the mix. An afternoon spent rock climbing or kayaking might just be what you need to learn more about each other and kick things up a notch.


The (dare)devil is in the details from the 11th to the 13th, and nothing will get past you when it comes to your fitness routine. Be brave, girls, and let your body break free!

From the 9th onwards, a few yin yoga sessions may be in order. Someone might attempt to rattle your cage, but by simply taking a few deep breaths, you will be reminded to take the higher road. Channel your representative color, serene blue, and you’ll definitely keep a cool head.


The 12th puts you in a power position for prosperity and finances. Go on, indulge in those new shoes—or that exotic cosmetic must-have you’ve always wanted to try. Just keep the rest of your expenses in check.

Partnered Pisceans will find that the 13th calls for shaking things up a bit. Listen to your friend’s recommendations and try something new. Lucky for you, inspiration flows freely from here on out. The upcoming weeks will be positively charged with fresh ideas!


The 12th reveals a quirkier side of you when it comes to your dating life. Read: paradoxical. Let your significant other know that there are no games to be played, but at the same time, no boredom to be had when you’re around.

Time to show your competitive side (in moderation!) on the 13th. Prove to your coworkers or classmates that you can take the lead and be a team player. To impress them into oblivion, maintain that work-day to date-night statement with a power-dressed pout.


Open communication is vital, luscious lady-bulls! If you’ve got some serious topics to tackle with your beau or bestie, it’s best to speak from the heart always, particularly around the 9th. The 11th onwards will be ideal for group activities. You know what they say: the barkada that sweats together, stays together (you get the point!).

The party vibes will pick up around the 12th, so plan a much-needed night out. Make them stare with a love potion (yes, they exist)—and let a truth serum take care of the rest (will it be vodka or gin?)

Illustrations by Erika Gue