Stand your ground, Crabs! The 20th is a power day. Speak up and don’t give up on the 22nd. Find comfort in romance on the 26th. The foundations you and your partner create now might just be sturdy enough for the long run.

Around the 28th, you could be post-happy when it comes to pictures and videos. Whether you update your profile pic on Facebook or take the spamming to Instagram, the language of images will definitely speak louder for you. Make sure you look vibrant and oil-free in every Snap!


Diligence is key on the 23rd and 24th. Stick to the plan instead of playing things by ear. Its better to be disciplined than to throw caution to the wind.

A fun, romantic weekend awaits on the 25th. Whether your a single or taken Lion, make time for activities that tickle your fancy. Flip your (frizz-free) hair back and forth and keep moving your body! The Aries Quarter Moon on the 27th will amplify your energy and gives you a boost.


Let things sink in on the 22nd before typing out a reply. It’s always better to make decisions with a calm, clear mind. You will adapt to new circumstances with ease. On the 24th, treat yourself to a scenic walk.

An air of flirtatiousness will prevail on the 27th. Get ready for a little spice in your romance with a kiss-proof lipstick! On the 28th, feel free to dazzle the crowd with your rockstar moves—you’ll be kicking back and recovering on the 29th, anyway.


Heed your secret, mystical side. As June comes to a close, you will feel drawn to the natural and esoteric. Draw a warm, purifying bath and use what you’ve learned to combat the stress of city living.

Keep an open mind when it comes to unexpected change from the 20th to the 23rd. Whether pitching something at work or convincing a friend to join you on your fitness crusade, your words hold weight on the 27th. These baby steps will definitely pay off in July!


Remain confident in your decisions: you are the reed that bends and does not break, despite the howling winds. The 23rd to the 25th will call for a centering of self, so hop on that yoga mat and don’t skimp on the essential oils to get to that state.

Two fabulous aspects on the 26th and 27th will give you that extra push to get to know your mate, while a quarter moon in Aries brings you two closer than ever!


Make sure you have all the facts laid out on the 26th before making your final decision. Go DIY on the 27th and create an inspiring vision board!

Mundane tasks can turn into mad fun with your significant other. Put on a fun playlist and plan a date as your reward once all tasks have been checked off! Your indie-spirited sign will lean towards a sophisticated upgrade, aesthetic-wise. Give in, girl, just give in.


That issue you’ve been concerned about will start working itself out on the 22nd. You will begin to truly shine at work, and this progress will be noted by your boss or teacher.

Prioritize your health on the 26th. Choose herbal and natural over anything processed. In romance, you and your partner will feel so in sync—almost like you can read each others minds. A staycation and a good cuddle sesh are in order on the 27th.


All your preparation pays off on the 22nd. The 23rd is a fortuitous day, so ask and you just might receive something better than you set out for. Be brave: your fresh and forward-thinking ideas on the 24th and 25th deserve to be heard.

The quarter moon on the 27th solidifies your feelings. At this time, coupled Aquarians are better off fortifying their love with fun activities, rather than deep and heavy talks. Keep the atmosphere light with a flirty, floral fragrance that will etch the moment in both your memories.


The 26th is an excellent day to test-drive a new look. Try a makeover app for hair and makeup or fiddle around with fun temporary tattoos before committing to the real thing.

Any relationship-related tension will melt away by the 27th. The 28th brings a gift that foretells more good things to come. June will end on a positive note for you. Unleash your imagination and get ready for smooth sailing ahead!


A work-related project could pose a challenge on the 22nd. But no matter how time-pressured you feel, stick to your guns! Quality wins over the quick route, any day.

An event that occurred during your birthday season earlier this year could be the significant clue you need to solve a puzzling situation on the 23rd. A playful romantic weekend awaits on the 24th, while the 27th and 28th are your luckiest wildcard days! Be prepared (primed, if you will) for the good surprises to come.


You’re beginning to find your groove when it comes to that mind-body balance. At work, those who can present good opportunities for your side projects are beginning to take notice. Aim to do your best work so far!

On the 25th, take to the water, and focus on endurance training from 27th to the 28th. The 29th is your luckiest day, so go ahead and radiate confidence. You’ll look and feel wonderful—don’t be surprised if new admirers make themselves known.


Enhance your skills by signing up for a class or spending time with someone you consider a sensei of sorts. You’ll be way ahead of the pack, especially when a new opportunity arises sometime in November.

The energy on the 26th might leave you feeling rather floaty and day-dreamy. Jot down any creative ideas to keep all this fantasizing productive. On the 27th, the bond between you and your mate will strengthen even further. Make the eye contact count with a mesmerizing stroke of liner—the bae won’t be able to look away.

Illustrations by Erika Gue