Happy birthday, gorgeous crabs! Opt for a long walk with bae on the 3rd. Your aura oozes with charm and vivaciousness on the 5th. The 7th is great for networking. Props to you for your well-earned healthy physique—you are in the zone on the 17th!

On the 22nd, look into a new work opportunity. This could be your chance at that dream venture! You’re active, influential, and full of drive—people can’t help but admire your sparkle and shine. It’s high time you came out of your shell and owned the spotlight, whether that’s with conversation or the wink of a shimmery eye.


Brainstorm your way around a work challenge on the 3rd and treat yourself to a massage or a relaxing soak on the same day. The 8th swoops in with glamorous and invigorating solar power for you. Single Leos might find themselves gabbing away to potential partners on the 9th—just don’t kiss and tell! The 17th is a good day for coupled Leos to take things a step further, be it moving in together or making things Facebook-official.

It’s one awe-inspiring accomplishment after the other for you this month! So don’t be afraid to get out there and show ‘em what you’ve got, you luscious-lipped lions, you!


The first part of the month is ideal for a physical and mental clean up—tidying up for the home and meditation for the mind! The kilig factor is turned up a notch on the 5th, and you’ll find that it’s nice to feel appreciated in return on the 10th. Your ruler Mercury is an a favorable aspect until July 14th. Make the most of this energy excelling as a leader in group activities and organizational work, but take it easy with transitions around the 16th.

Single Virgos are in luck this month, and partnered Virgos will bond over jokes and laughter. Time to schedule in a comedy or a standup show! Just keep your face on fleek as you LOL—you want to get a leg up, not a meltdown.


July is favorable for success and promotions. Don’t be surprised if you get a few business (or personal) proposals as soon as the 1st—the world is your oyster! A change of scenery will do you and the besties good on the weekend of the 4th. Head out of town and have a hearty meal.

The 11th is an auspicious day, while the 14th will have you moving, grooving, and toning up! Reap your fitness rewards on the 27th—you’re getting stronger with each day. Oh, and here’s a flirty little update: whether you’re rocking a natural face or a look-at-me style, you’ll be turning heads from the 28th onwards.


July is an amazing month of positive manifestation for you, especially if you set your sights on what you so desire. Your career is on the rise (with online and long-distance collaborations in the mix), and Venus brings a solidifying energy to relationships right now.

Talk about the next step with your sweetheart on the 1st. The weekend of the 4th appeals to your inner child. Get ready to believe and achieve come the second half of the month! Work on your endurance on the 17th. The 20th onwards is a good time for wedding planning. Time to perfect that brow so you ooze with confidence on the 29th. It’s a fantastic month!


Hit the ground running and burn those calories on the 1st. No Netflix and chill for you on the 2nd and 3rd—the world is calling for you to get dolled up and make new memories!

You’ve got love-eyes and amorous interests on the brain—and your hopeful, hopeless romantic side is in full bloom. Plan an active date with the hubby on the 16th. Wanderlust, in all its shapes and forms calls you out on the 17th, so get on that seat sale! Long-distance cultural and business pursuits are favored in July, which makes the second half of the month ideal for literary work.


There is an emphasis on teamwork, alliances, and contracts this month. You and your honey will go the extra mile on the 3rd—so it would be a good idea to reveal your softer, more sentimental side. Seek out a yoga and meditation practice from the 13th to the 15th. Treat yourself to some bling or a new fragrance on the 16th.

Work-wise, the 18th is a lucky day for sending resumes. Go for gold on the 19th. Single Cappies address intense feelings on the 20th. Let the truth set you free! Great results and unexpected upgrades are heading your way. To celebrate, get silly and unwind with a friend or partner on the 28th.


Take advantage of opportunities that will expand your horizons on the 3rd. Focus on that exercise-sleep-happy tummy balance around the 6th. Encouragement between friends is beneficial to your fitness goals. And career-wise, the 20th would be a good time for goal-setting.

Your love life now flows with abundant harmony, opportunity, and affection. For single Aquarians, a workplace romance may be off-limits, but it’s not out of the question. The 25th onwards presents very happy and significant moments for the two of you. On a personal note, Aquarius, you need to take some time to hit pause and unwind from all the stress of your lifestyle, perhaps in your very own bathtub.


Stay determined and upbeat on the 1st. Working out with friends takes on a party-like atmosphere on the 4th. Inspiration flows freely to you on the 13th, lucky one, so spend some time outdoors.

July is a wondrous month for using your creativity and talents to garner success and income, thanks to Mars (your ruler of moolah) resuming its forward motion! Expect speedier and more positive results. Think long-term on the 20th: where do you see yourself with your partner in 2 to 5 years? There’s an irresistible, goddess-like allure surrounding you on the 28th, and your inner social butterfly will break free from its cocoon.


On the 1st of the month, approach your fitness routine head-on and have fun while you’re at it! On the weekend of the 3rd, group sports and activities are favored over solo pursuits. Make an extra effort on the 9th—showing up is half the battle.

After the 12th, Venus enters your house of love and pleasure, and romance intensifies for you smoldering rams after the 12th. It’s a good time to let down your (luxurious) hair and go with the flow. From the 14th to the 15th, stay cool, calm and collected, no matter what. Your confidence soars from the 23rd onwards, which makes the end of the month an excellent time for presentations, launches, and promotions.


Adventures in love await single bulls on the 6th. The 11th is a fortuitous weekend. A run outside on the 16th is just what you need to get your heart pumping, soak up that vitamin D, and access your inspirational prana. Breathe it in, baby!

Make time for your significant other on the 27th. Affirming your devotion to each other is especially meaningful at this time. July is a great month for communication, creativity, and intellectual stimulation, with the second half appealing to your crafty “hearth and home” side. Think decorating, gardening, and artisanal shopping!


Kick-start the month with an aerobics video or Pilates class. It’s heart over head on the 2nd, so take that chance in love! New romance is introduced in the form of events and other social invites. Don’t give in to peer pressure on the 17th—stick to your moral ethics. You should give in to the urge to de-clutter on the 24th—you’ll work better with the clearer space.

Multiple transits through your house of money spell out a financially active month for you, full of ideas for future acquisitions. Change up your hairstyle to match July’s dynamic energy!

Illustrations by Erika Gue