Happy birthday, lovely Leos! The 2nd gifts you with a vital boost of energy to achieve that goal you’ve been putting off. Take the leap! This is a superb month for your health, so soak up some glorious Vitamin D via the hiking trail or a camping weekend with friends. On the 18th, keep up the good work.

The 22nd is an auspicious day for single Lions to approach dating from a new perspective. On the 25th, keep your kisser soft and pretty for an affectionate time with your sweetheart. The month ends on a blissful note, with a sweet aspect supporting the growth of your love.


Mindful meditation and other spiritual activities are highlighted during the month of August. From the 3rd to the 5th, reflect and go within. Skin care will also be prioritized with an improved diet and beauty regimen. Drink more water or incorporate a blemish-busting serum into your daily grind!

Coupled-up Virgos will enter a deeper, more committed phase on the 7th. This is a great time for mapping out the future together. Take note of that health tip that comes your way on the 18th (it’s a blessing in disguise). Visualize your new strong and sexy body on the 21st—you’ve made great strides!


August is a fortuitous period for business and networking opportunities. Through engagement in various social activities, single Libras just might have love fall into their laps. The 6th makes for a lovely weekend getaway with the hubby. Turn off your cellphones and sink deep into conversation.

Catch a show or see a movie with friends on the 19th. Sit back and let your teammates take the reigns on the 24th. For that event on the 27th, work the room and do your thing, energizing your aura with poppy colors like red and orange.


Ambitious Scorpions, August is the peak month for your careers this year! Entrepreneurial activities and new partnership opportunities will be prominent. Strapped for time on the 7th? Try a quick but effective no-equipment home workout. Expect a pleasant but challenging surprise on the 17th.

Think “actions over words” when it comes to romance around the 20th—passion will ignite between you and your S.O.! From the 21st to the 24th, impress your co-workers and clients and show your boss what you’re made of. A natural, rosy flush is just the look for transitioning from board meetings to a date with bae.


Partnered Sagittarians find that blissful point between sweet and spicy on the 4th. For newly dating Archers, don’t be afraid to ask questions and pay attention to body language around the 11th. Scratch that social itch and plan a get-together around the 12th or 13th. Opportunities for promotional and work-related travel abound for you in August!

Own that to-do list during the week of the 21st. The second half of the month is good for job-seeking. Venus casts a lovely energy for a detoxifying cleanse and incorporating healthier choices into your meal plans. You’ll come out of the month feeling lighter and fresher!


This is a month of transformation for you! Don’t fight the change on the 2nd, and don’t keep your feelings in on the 3rd. Your partner will thank you for it. On the 5th, take advantage of technology and reconnect with friends and family who are abroad.

For those looking to purge any caffeine, drinking, or smoking addictions, the 11th is a good time to start cutting down. Celebrate your hard-earned reward on the 16th! The 18th Full Moon is a dreamy time for dating and building a stronger connection. For planning trips, the 28th onwards is a particularly auspicious time. Go ahead, be nomadic!


You Water Bearers are in for a wild ride this month! Both single and taken Aquarians can expect passion in romance. One-on-one time around the 3rd will be absolutely magical. Those in the dating scene might even find themselves showing a secret rebellious streak. All in moderation, though.

Feeling dehydrated and close to burned out on the 18th? Take a breather, drink plenty of H2O, and go for a spa treatment that’s equally refreshing and rejuvenating. Think long-term on the 20th, especially when it comes to financial planning. Lend a helping hand on the 24th (it’ll do you and the person you’re helping some good). On the 30th, challenge yourself!


The month kicks off in an upbeat manner. Embrace this energy with figurative jazz fingers and a literal pop of color! You will experience a playfulness in your workout on the 2nd. Go for a fun bike ride or shimmy-shake those calories away with some Zumba. Make sure to get in a good stretch and replenish with healthy smoothies.

Settle any remaining loans around the 6th. Your House of Partnerships strengthens all relationships towards the end of the month. Pay conscious attention to your posture—you should be carrying yourself like the superstar that you are! Hone your skills on the 19th by looking into classes or collaborating with other creatives in your circle. The month ends for you just like it started—on a splendid note.


August sees you stepping out of your cocoon and spreading your wings as a social butterfly! Expect many positive and productive social interactions. Group classes and team sports will appeal to you more now, especially around the 7th. From the 16th onwards, there is an emphasis on fun activities and encouragement for coupled Rams, while things will get especially exciting for singles.

You might be experiencing some chronic discomfort, so look into home remedies for minor muscle pain and stomachaches. Get your tech gear organized by the 29th, just in time for the Mercury Retrograde on the 30th!


Turning your attention to the needs of others becomes much more vital to you in August. Indulge in socializing with others and beautifying your surroundings. This could spark up a new habit, like volunteering for a local clean-up or DYI-ing some interior design.

An aspect on the 2nd will amp up your magnetism. This makes for great energy for single Bulls on the hunt! Flirt just a little with a more luminous version of your natural self. Listen to your emotional guidance system on the 18th—it’s a great day for openness and intimacy. Eat clean and go full blast at the gym on the 24th. The 27th is great for a Frisbee game or a trail ride with friends. Plan it now!


Ready or not, health and fitness are taking center stage. Small changes go a long way, so commit to a daily jog or switch candy bars for trail mix. Buying a pair of new trainers or a cute gym outfit might just be the thing that motivates you!

Explore romantic possibilities and open new doors from the 6th to the 9th. Listen to your body on the 19th and get pampered—really pampered. Indulging in a hot soak or even a simple invigorating scrub should be right up your alley. Be flexible on the 25th when it comes to new people. This is also a favorable time to focus on your long-term investments as opposed to earning quick cash.


There’s an extra special something about you this month, and people can’t help but be drawn in. Schedule some pool time or a beach trip on the weekend of the 5th. A good swim is just what the doctor ordered!

On the 13th, hit the karaoke bar or dance the night away with your most fun-loving friends. Single crabs could find love while pursuing career objectives from the 21st onwards. You charisma levels are off the charts from the 23rd to the 24th, so don’t be shy. Your confidence soars on the 29th—this is definitely not the time to retreat into your shell or play the wallflower. Get out there, Crabs, and shine bright.

Illustrations by Erika Gue and Cine Escalona