Sometimes, it’s not about the formula. You could own the best base on the planet, but without the proper tool to get it on your face, it’ll still look less than flawless. That’s where makeup sponges come in. These squishy blenders are designed to buff pigment into the skin and leave behind a seamless finish. And today, what began with the iconic egg-shaped sponge has now taken on new shapes and sizes!
So what’s the difference? Below, we demo 3 innovative sponges by PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives to help you figure it all out. Who knows, they just might give your staple sponge some competition.

NOTE: For best results, use these sponges damp.


PRIME EXAMPLE: Pro Blend Sponge, P250
BEST FOR: Foundation and BB cream

This curvaceous sponge applies foundation with Photoshop flawlessness. Each dip, bend, and peak serves a purpose. The wide base works for larger surface areas, the narrow tip is perfect for corners, and the curvy waist provides great grip.

STEP 1: Hold the sponge at the base for a softer application or at the “waist” for more coverage.
STEP 2: Stipple foundation, BB cream, or any other liquid formula across the face. Build more layers over your problem areas if necessary.
STEP 3: Invert the sponge. Use the pointed tip to target the corners of the nose, chin, and under the eyes.


PRIME EXAMPLE: Mini Egg Sponge, P250 for a pack of 4
BEST FOR: Concealer and cream illuminators

These almond-sized sponges are designed for detail work and add extra polish to your makeup. Since their teensy bodies can access the smallest nooks ‘n’ crannies, you get 100% precise blending and less creasing.

STEP 1: Apply cream or liquid concealer on the sponge.
STEP 2: Using a patting motion, apply the product underneath the eyes or over dark marks.
STEP 3: Repeat STEPS 1 and 2 for more coverage (if necessary).


PRIME EXAMPLE: Contour Sponge Duo, P95
BEST FOR: Contouring and highlighting creams.

While this sponge also works as a regular foundation tool, its unique shape opens up your options. The tapered ends apply contour and highlight products with laser-sharp precision, while the flat edges blend like a dream.

STEP 1: Using the tapered end, contour your cheekbones, nose, and jawline.
STEP 2: Blend the product using the flat edge and buff until harsh edges disappear.
STEP 3: You can also use the sponge to highlight your cheekbones and nose bridge. To avoid a muddy makeup mess, use separate sponges for contouring and highlighting.
And there you have it!
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