These days, there are as many options for workouts as there are workout fanatics. Whether you’re looking to unwind with yoga or take out your desk-induced frustrations on the pavement, there is a workout to match whatever mood you’re in.

Unfortunately, looking for the perfect outfit to wear isn’t as effortless as looking for a place to perspire. Trust us—your standard PE shirt doesn’t fit all. With functionality in mind, we’ve put together a list of outfits for 5 different workouts. They will not only inspire you to move, they will also make you move as efficiently as possible.


Whether you’re into Ashtanga or Yin Yoga, you will find yourself in positions akin to that of a pretzel. The key is to wear an outfit that won’t keep you from trying out new poses. Opt for a form-fitting top, a lightweight pair of leggings, and perhaps a yoga towel to assist you in flowing from downward-facing dog to bridge and into savasana.


L-R: Andi Activewear Jo Alabaster Seamless Crop, P750, Machita Activewear Sculpt Tights in Plum, P1,700, Fitness & Athletics Skid-less Yoga Towel, P725


Whether you’re an Electric Studio loyalist or not, you probably know spin classes are super intense and sweaty. With the intense cardio and strength circuits, it won’t be long until you get warmed up. Pair a crop with supportive leggings in a fun print, and prepare to put the pedal to the metal.


L-R: Strength Activewear Elite Bra in Black, P999, Strength Activewear Palma Leggings, P1,699


When you’re up against the pavement or the treadmill in your local sports center, look for an outfit with maximum support. Wear a dependable sports bra, form-fitting yet sturdy leggings, a pair of moisture-wicking socks, and a breathable shirt you will likely peel off once you make it to the 1-mile mark.


L-R: MillennX Mckenzie in Green, P1,980, MillenX Astrid in Black, P1,680, AVA Athletica Mesh Cover Up, 649


Pilates, much like yoga, focuses on posture, balance, and flexibility. In other words, there will be plenty of twisting and bending. That’s why your workout attire should be form-fitting, breathable, and sweat-wicking. Opt for a crop and stretchy leggings, and a skid-less pair of socks to keep you from slipping or sliding on the mat or the machine.


L-R: Outdoor Voices Slashback Crop in Sandstone, P2,970, Andi Activewear Ishi Raven Seamless Leggings, P1,500, Feet and Right Open Toe Yoga Tan Socks in Blue Green, P599


If boxing is your preferred workout, your outfit should withstand the intensity of your rounds in the ring. Wear breathable fabrics like a featherweight shirt and a supportive yet airy pair of shorts because you will be sweating buckets. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your water bottle with you!


L-R: AVA Athletica Crossback Red Top, P629, Puma Women’s Core Run 3” Shorts, P1,100, Cocoon Insulated Water Bottle (500ml) in Stone Marble, P1,200

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