Perfect skin might be hard to come by, but thank goodness we have foundation to fake it. With the right shade and coverage, you’re already halfway there! As for the other half, it’s all in the technique of applying it. Whether that means using the right tools or prepping your skin, there’s actually so much more you can do to make the most out of your base. One of them? Mixing your foundation. It’s a common trick that makeup artists and beauty veterans swear by for customized coverage.

If you’re wondering with what, well, the options are endless. But for our sake (and yours), we’re sticking to 3 combinations that will seamlessly leave your skin with a naturally matte, dewy, and radiant finish. Of course, this all varies from person to person, so feel free to mix and match as you please! Just have fun and let your foundation do most of the work here. See what we came up with, below!


Before we start, we just want to be clear: you are in control. There is no hard recipe on how much you need to mix and with what. If you want double the pumps of coverage, want to swap the moisturizer for sunscreen, or even go without one of the products, then by all means! It’s totally your call. The most important thing to remember is that you’re customizing a mix that feels right for you and your skin.

As you test and experiment with the different combos, we recommend using the back of your hand like a palette. Then, using your finger or a brush, mix them all together and make adjustments until you get a consistency you’re satisfied with. Some products do have ingredients that mix better with others, which is why we suggest testing it on your hand first. Once you’re contented with how it sits on the skin, dot the concoction onto your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. From there, you can start spreading from the center of your face and blend outwards for a smooth, even, and natural look.

Aaaand that’s it! We’re all set. Now let’s go whip ourselves some foundation cocktails.


IDEAL FOR: Oily to Oily-Combination Skin Types
When you want to keep your shine at a minimum, go for a matte finish. Your skin will appear much more balanced and evened out, cutting down chances for light to reflect at every angle. That said, it doesn’t help that sebum and sweat will naturally wear down any makeup you have on, so we tried mixing in a bit of primer and setting spray for a more budge-proof base. That way, no matter how much heat, humidity, and oil you have to face, your coverage should stay put throughout the day. Perfect for those always on-the-go!



IDEAL FOR: Dry to Dry-Combination Skin Types
Inspired by K-Beauty? Cop the glossy sheen by perfecting a dewy base. Because this type of finish places special emphasis on hydrated and supple skin, what you want is a look that really packs on the moisture. Well, no better way to do that than to mix in a rich moisturizer! Combine this with a light, water-based foundation and you won’t have to worry about your coverage caking onto any dry patches. And, if you want to take it up a notch, add a touch of facial oil. This will help consistently keep that glass skin look on your face for hours. Daebak!



IDEAL FOR: Normal Skin Types
But if you’re looking to boost your natural, everyday glow, then a luminous finish is just what you need. Amp up your complexion by starting with a silky, brightening base and mix in a smidge of highlighter. For it to look more like second skin, go on and add a dash of moisturizer. Not only does this make the formula more sheer, but it also keeps your skin hydrated for a healthier and smoother effect. You glow, girl!