Bloated bellies and five-month-old food babies. We’ve all been there.

Bloatedness is a common uncomfortable feeling many experience after a heavy meal. For some, it comes as a unwelcomed PMS symptom. Not only is it an inconvenience to our buttons and zippers, the sluggish discomfort of a too-full tummy can also bring down one’s holistic sense of well-being.

So, what can help? A balanced diet, regular exercise, and these 6 belly-busting food and drinks. Guaranteed to help you bid that belly bye-bye!


WHY IT WORKS: They don’t call it the magical morning elixir for nothing! ACV is an all-natural, detoxifying fave among wellness enthusiasts because of its digestion-aiding properties and gut-helping probiotics, which help keep post-lunch bloating and gas at bay. Did we also mention that it can contribute to weight loss, too? It can help control your appetite and keep your blood sugar levels level. Safe to say we’ve been #blessed by nature’s finest, huh?

THE HOW-TO: Mix 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a mug of hot water and a teaspoon of organic honey for a touch of sweetness. Alternatively, you can opt to have it with some ice and a squeeze of lemon juice for a more refreshing tonic. For best results, have it before the start of each meal.
TRY: Barnes Naturals Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother (500ml), P213, ACV Health Double Strength ACV, P190, Salutem Apple Cider Vinegar with the “Mother”, P220

WHY IT WORKS: Here’s an f-bomb that’ll really help you unload: fiber. Thought of by many as the true foundation of a healthy digestive system, fiber helps promote better digestion and regular bowel moments. When taken regularly, it can even help alleviate constipation and gas—two of the main culprits of a bloated belly.

THE HOW-TO: Lucky for all of those with fiber deficiencies among us, it’s surprisingly easy to incorporate fiber-rich foods into your everyday diet. Think: apples, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and almonds, for example. You can have them in salads, pastas, or as a side dish with every meal.

If you’re a super picky eater with zero time to waste, you could also opt for an instant, on-th-go supplement drink, like the Wink White Pancea Fiber. An all-natural, antioxidant-rich, berry-flavored powder, it mixes well with smoothies and is quite effective (and tasty!) on its own, too. Just mix one sachet with cold water and down a glass twice a day, before you go to bed and first thing in the morning.
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WHY IT WORKS: If you’ve got some leftover ginger lying around the kitchen, make yourself a warm cup of soothing ginger tea (AKA Pinoy favorite salabat). This fresh root may not be the sexiest spice out there, but it packs a ton of health benefits for your system. Anti-inflammatory ginger helps reduce gas and stimulate the digestive tract, making digestion easier and belly-deflating much faster.

THE HOW-TO: Boil freshly sliced ginger in water or reach for a packet of packaged ginger tea (it’s just as good for you!). If desired, mix some lemon juice into your drink for a tangy kick or organic honey for added sweetness. Have a mug after a meal or before bed and feel your belly, body, and soul relax. Plus, if you’re nursing a sore throat, ginger can fix it right up too!
TRY: Kayumanggi Organics Wild Ginger Tea, P360, Daily Apple Salabat-Ginger Tea, P135, Nature’s Own Instant Ginger Drink, P145

WHY IT WORKS: What’s been detox of the town? Lemon water! One slice of this zesty little fruit (make sure to wash it beforehand!) floating in your H2O can do wonders for your finicky system. It helps flush out toxins, aid digestion, and strengthen your immunity, thanks to its high Vitamin C content. It also helps keep your sugary cravings and over-eating tendencies in check, while reining your ballooning belly in.

THE HOW-TO: But if you can’t keep your pantry stocked with lemons 24/7, all-natural detox supplements work well, too. Go Girl Detox is one reliable and 100% safe option that’s specially formulated to kickstart your metabolism and decrease water retention. Simply take two capsules of it per day—the green one before breakfast and the yellow one before bedtime.
TRY: Fitique Nutrition Go Girl Detox, P1,399, Sekaya Gentle Detox (75g), P500, BerryMe Fiber Detox Drink Mix (7s), P900

WHY IT WORKS: Ready to meet your matcha made in belly-free heaven? Here’s some green tea for you to sip on! World famous for its naturally energizing powers, the uber-healthful tea is also filled with antioxidants that prevent diseases and help speed up your metabolism. No wonder it’s a go-to aid for weight loss!

THE HOW-TO: Drink a warm cup of plain green tea after a filling meal to reduce gas and bloating. For something a little more indulgent and special, have your green tea in matcha latte form. With a whisk, some milk, and a tiny amount of sweetener, you’ll have yourself a creamy, comforting drink that’ll soothe your belly aches!
TRY: Resveralife Imperial Green Tea, P960, Manila Superfoods Green Tea (50g), P135, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Fresh Leaf Tea Earl Grey, P300

WHY IT WORKS: As if this cooling, hydration-packed veggie wasn’t enough of a fridge staple, cucumbers just happen to be a natural diuretic, too. This means that it assists in regulating urination, a function that helps you flush out toxins and excess water. Translation? Bye-bye water weight, hello flatter tummy!
THE HOW-TO: It’s great in salads, as a cold mid-day snack dipped in dressings or seasoned olive oil, or in your water for a refreshing twist. With its mild flavor and texture, cucumbers blend well into just about anything, so it’s certainly easy to have your fill!

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