Way back in 2015, Solenn Heussaff first discovered the wonders of Adlai—and it’s been changing her carb and cooking habits ever since. If #SolennCooking on Instagram is anything to go by, this heirloom grain from the highlands of Bukidnon features prominently in many of her tasty comfort food recipes. Even her foodie brother Erwan is into it, using the gluten-free rice alternative in many of his intricate dishes. So, just how good is Adlai—and is it really better for you than a steaming cup of white rice?


Also known as Job’s Tears, Chinese Pearl Barley, Coix Seeds, Hato Mugi, and other names, Adlai is a locally sourced and low-glycemic grain that bears potent anti-inflammatory benefits. Like other nutritious whole grains, Adlai is high in digestion-assisting fiber, which makes it far better for you than highly processed white rice.

It comes out to just over 350 calories per 100g serving, making it a filling, energizing super-carb that’ll get you through a packed day. As much as it differs from rice, it’s similar in all the ways that count—specifically, it works just as well in both sweet and savory dishes.

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Below, we’ve gathered creative Adlai recipes straight from Solenn’s IG. These certainly inspired us to up our meal prep game!

OPTION 1: CLASSIC LUGAW From what we can tell, Solenn brought together all the usual ingredients to make her bowl of nourishing, flu-fighting lugaw: broth, fried garlic, chicken breast cut into strips, shallots, and a hard-boiled egg. Of course, star player Adlai takes the place of jasmine rice in this recipe. We assume ginger, onion, calamansi, patis, soy sauce, salt, and pepper were also in the mix—they’re certainly essentials!

OPTION 2: HEARTY BRUNCH BOWL For this one, Solenn makes use of leftover Adlai, beef brisket with lemon and chili, chopped tomatoes, onions, and salted egg topped with pinakurat. So if you ever make too much Adlai to eat at once, you can always save it for your next meal!

OPTION 3: LEMON YOGURT ADLAI SALAD The lightest of the trio, this tangy salad sees Solenn throwing Adlai mix (spot the recipe here), roasted cauliflower, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes salad, extra cilantro, and grilled beef together with a dollop of garlic lemon yogurt dressing on the side. If you love nutty quinoa in your high-fiber salads, Adlai makes a great swap for the superfood.

Ready to make the switch like Solenn? Sound off below!

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Credits: Recipe photos via @solenn

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