Using the right makeup brush for your foundation is just as important as the foundation itself. This magic wand has the power to make or break your look! So that you don’t mess up your camouflage, here’s a quick guide we put together with the help of local brush brand Soffia Beauty.

TYPE OF BRUSH: Angled Stippling Brush This particular stippling brush has two different hair lengths: a base of short, stubby hairs and a crown of longer, fluffier hairs. This design allows you to use the brush not only on the larger areas of the face but also on the hard-to-reach corners. As for the bristles, they’re neither too packed nor too loose—just right. That way, your liquid foundation applies across the face evenly without any streaks. Expect natural-looking coverage with an airbrushed finish. TRY: Opulence Foundation Brush, P750. Shop it here.

TYPE OF BRUSH: Powder Brush A powder brush is usually characterized by a wide brush head with long bristles. This design prevents you from using too much powder and winding up with cake-face later on. Powder brush bristles are soft enough to buff product into the skin without giving rise to scratchiness and irritation. Just swirl the brush into your powder and sweep it across your face, moving from the center outwards. Flawless. TRY: Opulence All Over Face Brush, P2,500. Shop it here.

THE MAKEUP BRUSH: Flat-Top Brush Similar in appearance and often interchangeable with a stippling brush, a flat-top brush has a plateaued head and densely-packed bristles. This particular one features synthetic bristles that pick up product nicely. Coupled with the flatness of the head, this design can smooth over large pores and cover up imperfections. Use a downward stroke-and-bounce motion over the skin, and it won’t leave a streak in sight. TRY: Opulence Flat Top Brush, P999. Shop it here.

So, which one of these makeup brushes will you be using? Share it with us in the comments section!

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