Straight out of SoKo comes a brand-new beauty buzzword: skin softener. Some equate it to a toner, while others say it’s just another word for moisturizer. You’ll hear a different answer depending on who you ask (it also goes by the short name “skin,” which in Korea is a synonym for “toner”, which makes it even more confusing!).

But honestly, all you need to know is that this stuff does wonders for your face. So if “skin softener” isn’t in your beauty lexicon yet, allow us to explain it to you straight.


A skin softener is an intensive moisturizer and usually comes in the form of a thick essence. This lightweight, gel-like consistency allows the product to absorb super fast. It provides instant relief to dehydrated, irritated, and damaged skin and feels completely comfortable any time of day. Over time, these types of formulas strengthen your moisture barrier against environmental stressors.

But unlike your traditional cream, which simply adds or seals in moisture, a skin softener is an all-around solution. You can use it to soothe burns, fix dry patches, and even remove traces of makeup stuck in your pores. So, while there is no one definition for what it is, a skin softener delivers exactly what it promises: softer, healthier skin.


The short answer: moisture and protection. The long answer: a skin softener functions as a booster for your entire skincare routine. By providing a powerful surge of hydration, it gives your skin an almost sponge-like quality. This allows all succeeding products to absorb faster and deeper with minimal effort on your part.
If you’re really lazy, you can even apply multiple layers in quick succession and skip moisturizer altogether. A skin softener is that hydrating. So whether you’re looking to enhance or condense your regimen, skin softeners are a great way to go.


It all depends on the thickness of your chosen formula. But as a rule of thumb, a skin softener is generally applied after your actives (including serums, ampoules, and other targeted treatments) and before emulsion or moisturizer.
Using your fingers or a soaked cotton pad, sweep the product across your skin. Then gently pat with your palms until it all sinks in. Afterwards, your face should feel moist and bouncy to the touch.

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