Color correcting creams, CC for short, broke out from zero to hero a couple of years ago. They’re a new breed of face base that has very little to no coverage but goes a pretty long way in making your skin look amazing.

How? CC Creams have luminizing properties and/or a slight tint that coaxes the skin to reveal its better, brighter version. They are made to fix sallow, red, or uneven skin—and the magic happens even before a lick of foundation touches the face!
Liz wears Chanel's iconic CC Cream in Beige Some CC Creams also have skin-caring ingredients that help hydrate, nourish, and even heal skin. This promise is much like what their predecessor, the Blemish Balm AKA BB Cream, offered. Their main difference, however, lies in the amount of coverage each type provides. BB Creams are designed to prevent and lessen the appearance of blemishes, so they are more pigmented. They also feature a high SPF number to manage melanin production. On the other hand, CC Creams seek to correct the overall complexion so coverage isn’t a necessity (though still present in some products).

Still, a lot of people are unconvinced by the power of CC creams. That’s understandable as these bases tend to look too white or too sheer to do any good (am I right, morenas?). When used properly though, CC creams can be your best ally. The trick is to use only a small amount all over the face—a sheer layer if you will—before applying your regular foundation. You can also mix it with your liquid foundation to create a sheerer, more custom color that fakes a natural-looking glow.

Curious now? Here are the five most recent CC Creams I’ve tried out:
1. Mizon’s Correct Combo Flawless CC Cream. This looks white off the tube, but fear not—the cream adjusts to the skin as you blend it all over. It has whitening, anti-aging, and SPF25 PA++ to boost skin as it prettifies the complexion.

2. Pop Beauty’s CC Cream Colour Adapt. This sheer cream illuminates the skin, leaving it subtly brighter, instantly! It has fine shimmer in its formula that helps it do the job.

3. Chanel’s CC Cream Complete Correction SPF30 in Beige. This world-famous CC Cream is huge in beauty for a reason—its yellow tint makes even the most tired-looking, stressed-out skin look alive and fresh! It also hydrates the skin from within and smells amazing to boot.

4. Missha’s CC Cream Black. This has a yellow-beige tint and delivers more coverage compared to your average CC Cream. It’s good to try if you’ve got blemishes to cover and would like to improve your complexion at the same time.

5. The Yeon’s Style Y Smart CC Base in Lavender. Yes, it is intimidating to wear a lavender-colored base, but believe me—it’s the best thing you can do for sallow, dull skin. This one from Korean cult brand The Yeon subtly adjusts to your skin tone, so it’s truly not as scary as it sounds! In fact, it looks pretty natural. (No purple skin here, promise.)
Swatches from left to right: Mizon Correct Combo Flawless CC Cream, Pop Beauty CC Cream Colour Adapt, Chanel CC Cream Complete Correction SPF30 in Beige, Missha Complexion Coordinating Cream, The Yeon Style Y Smart CC Base in Lavender.

Photos by Liz Lanuzo