If you haven’t heard about amazing argan oil—AKA the toast of the beauty town—let us be the first to tell you all about it. Think of this “miracle oil” as the secret weapon for close-to-every beauty problem you’re battling. A victim of dry, coarse skin or dull, lifeless locks? Perhaps unsightly cracked feet or even stretch marks? Go argan: it’s just the thing to silky-smoothen out your life.


Argan oil comes from the nut of the argan tree, only found in Morocco. Because it’s sourced from only one place in the entire world, pure argan oil is considered a precious commodity—liquid gold, if you will.


Argan oil is a “dry” oil, which means it absorbs very quickly without leaving a sticky or greasy residue. Texture-wise, the only effect you should experience is a buttery softness on your problem area.


Not quite aromatic, not quite odorless, good-quality argan oil should have a subtle nutty scent. Savor it while you can, because the smell will disappear soon after you apply the oil.


A natural, multi-purpose serum, argan oil’s got a host of benefits for your skin, hair, lips, nails, and more.

FOR YOUR FACE: Whether your skin type is dry, oily, or combination, argan oil is famous for being a great moisturizer. Since it absorbs quickly, it doesn’t leave extra shine. The oil also functions as a brightener, reducing dark spots and under-eye circles and giving you a natural glow.

FOR YOUR LIPS: Get rid of chapping, dryness, or irritation by smoothing the oil all over your pucker. After it sloughs off the dead skin, the oil lingers soothingly on the lips.

FOR YOUR HAIR: Because of its hydrating power, argan oil works wonderfully on your hair. It’s now been infused into shampoos, conditioners, and treatments, so your locks can experience round-the-clock argan-love. The immediate effect: obviously softer, shinier, bouncier hair.

FOR YOUR HANDS, FEET, & NAILS: Use it a salve for cracked, peeling skin on your palms and soles. And if you’re a fan of satiny mani-pedis, the oil is also perfect for softening your cuticles.

ALL OVER YOUR BODY: Argan oil enthusiasts swear by the healing properties of this Moroccan marvel. Apparently, it can help treat eczema and psoriasis, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars, and even flush out acne. At the very least, it’s a beautiful substitute for your average body lotion. And in this weather, a girl can never get enough lotion. #JustSaying

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Photo of argan nuts by Roger Culos via Wikimedia Commons