So, you’re probably wondering where you are right now, especially if the past year has turned you into a daily visitor of our website. Don’t panic, beautiful—this is not a glitch.

Welcome to Bloom, the official magazine of, now with a fresh new look and loads of great articles!
Bloom is a haven for Filipinas who just can’t get enough of beauty. Clueless-turned-curious type? Even better. Everybody starts from somewhere—so if you’re a total n00b, we hope that somewhere is right here.

Every day, we’ll be posting something new and beautifying: from easy hair and makeup tips to the veggies to eat for an acne-proof complexion. Fancy a picker-upper playlist for when you’re having an “ugly day”? You got it—because beauty should be fun and inspiring and relatable and make you feel as good as you look, even when you wake up with a zit on your nose.

We want to help you funnel the vast, uncharted beauty galaxy into something that works precisely for you (like The Nude Lipstick that Looks Good on Everybody). Find the best moisturizer for oily skin, the most flattering blush for morenas, and more practicalities under Beauty 101. Be sure to check out our other sections, too: Trending, Health & Wellness, and the baby of the family, Lifestyle, which explores style, travel, pop culture, and everything else that makes life more beautiful.

Before we let you go (to binge-read!), say hi to Shari Macainag, AKA The Misty Mom, who’s just joined our pool of columnists for the occasion. She’ll dispel your foundation fears with the skill of a Jedi master in her first piece, Let’s Talk Liquid Foundation. Catch her weekly column and more in The Gurus!

We’re not solving global warming here, but we do hope to help you look and feel awesome—even if all that entails is changing your perfume. So if you’re seeking a little beauty advice or are just bored and procrastinating, make us your daily habit. Let’s meet in the designated watering holes of the Internet, shall we? Namely, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the (new!) comment section. We can’t wait to see you in full bloom.

Love and lipstick,
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