From her time as a K-POP Star in Girls’ Generation to her solo debut in the U.S., there’s no doubt Tiffany Young knows a thing or two about beauty. And if this Vogue feature is anything to go by, then Korean Idols really go all out when it comes to their multi-step routines! Here, we’ve listed a run-through of our favorite hacks from the singer’s tutorial, and how to recreate the look for yourself. Scroll to see!


TIFFANY YOUNG SAYS: “I think using a base is very, very important. Make sure you apply evenly, and when you’re putting product on your face, you’re never aggressively pulling your face down. It’s always soaked in and lifted upwards.”

If you thought hydrated skin and your go-to primers were all it took to master skin prep, think again! More than the products used, it’s key to apply them correctly, too. Tiffany suggests upward motions to naturally lift the skin, as continuously pulling downwards can cause it to sag. Then, once you’ve lightly and evenly layered coverage on top, follow through with a damp sponge to blend it out. The effect allows your makeup to seamlessly look and feel like skin, leaving your face with a flawless finish.

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TIFFANY YOUNG SAYS: “I have a more narrow but longer face, and I want to shorten the planes [on my cheeks], because I want to create the definition more towards the center of my face. I would create a gradient around my cheeks and make the color pop more in the center. […] And what I do is go right below the pupil and in the center, pat it in.”

There are many ways to go about blush—on the apples of your cheeks, Rihanna’s editorial draping, the popular drunk blush, and basically whatever catches on trend. As for Tiffany, she shares that the look she goes for is one that’s well suited for her long and narrow face shape. So, working with her features, she closes the gap on her cheeks by placing focus right at the center with a gradient blush effect. She layers different kinds of blush formulas, all around the same shade and gradually more concentrated, then finishes off with one last pop of color from a creamy blush formula. The end result? A gorgeous, natural rosy flush. You can do the same to see what works for you!

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TIFFANY YOUNG SAYS: “It’s not about here ladies, (motions to the sides of her cheeks); it’s about right here (jaw and chin area). It creates that definition between your jawline and your neck.”

When it comes to contour, it’s not always about harsh definition a la Kim K. Sometimes, it can be about highlighting (or in this case, bronzing) a certain feature and keeping the rest of the face soft. The technique that Tiffany follows here places special focus on the jawline to create a slimmer and more defined shape to the face. This illusion creates a shadow effect under the chin that seems to extend down to the neck, eliminating fullness and leaving a subtle silhouette.

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TIFFANY YOUNG SAYS: “What’s important is that it’s centered. Most people just grab it like this (following the curve of the eye, tilted outwards), but it needs to be tilted towards the center.”

Curling your lashes might sound simple—just clamp for a few seconds and bring on the mascara, right? Well, not exactly. Turns out, even the way you angle as you curl your lashes can be a major gamechanger. Tilted outwards, chances are you’ll get that uneven crimp, especially when it comes to the inner and outer corners of the eye. Instead, it’s better to center your lash curler and keep it as close to the base of the eye as possible. (Without pinching your eyelids, of course!) That way, you’ll nail a full and even curl in just one go, easy peasy.

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TIFFANY YOUNG SAYS: “This is a regular wand, and this is the MICRO wand. What’s important I feel like is that you start from the base and you fan it out. Start from the root, [then put some on the] bottom lashes as well.

Not all mascara wands are one-size-fits-all, and when we’re talking about smaller eye shapes, like most Asian eyes, it’s better to start with a micro wand. Brushes that are shorter and stubbier make it easy to reach the base so you get full coats of mascara from root to tip. Gently wiggle through to keep the lashes separated and then follow through with a fuller mascara wand to build volume and length. And don’t forget about the bottom lashes, too! Giving them that extra oomph really helps complete the look.

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TIFFANY YOUNG SAYS: “I don’t just put a full lip on, I think it’s important to blot the center, the darkest, and then start stamping it out. It’s a much more natural look versus OOH she’s wearing makeup.

While the gradient lip trend has somewhat died down, this method still works perfectly well to create a naturally pigmented lip look. Here, Tiffany follows the key steps by concentrating the color at the center and blotting it in place by pressing her lips. Then, before it sets, she pats the pigment to the outer corners with her finger, leaving just the right touch of color for an everyday look. Not only does it look great, it’s a smart way to make your lippie last longer, too. A little goes a long way!

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Ooh la la! Who knew we stanned such an intellectual beauty queen? Now, if you have any of these things lying around, or anything similar, we’d love to see your take on these beauty hacks from the KPOP Idol. Share your looks with us in the comments, below! (And stream her EP Lips on Lips while you’re at it.)

Quotes via Vogue.

Images by Kat Echon.

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