We’ve never been known to shy away from a beauty challenge, and dabbling in fermented skincare is far from being the most daring thing we’ve done. (That honor goes, most recently, to micro-needling, which you can read all about right here).
In fact, we once went through a bottle of an SK-II dupe that featured 90% fermented yeast and loved it, so we’ve got high hopes for all things probiotic in skincare. This time around, we test out the Some by Mi galactomyces duo for our good bacteria fix. Could fungus be the answer to all our skin texture woes?


But before we can answer that, we have to talk about what “fermented skincare” even is. Essentially, it covers products that contain microorganisms that make skin-friendly ingredients more potent while also making them easier for our skin to absorb. By introducing good bacteria, we balance out our skin’s microbiome, making it much healthier overall—just like how it works in our gut. Not as weird as you thought, is it?
K-beauty brands have been fermenting skincare for decades, which is why we were super excited to road-test Some by Mi’s galactomyces duo. Together, the pair promise to brighten, deeply hydrate, and plump up a tired, uneven complexion that’s been exposed to UV rays and other stressors. They’ve even got vitamin C in the mix, which practically guarantees radiance. But of course, the bulk of its effectivity comes from its key ingredient galactomyces ferment filtrate, a nutrient-dense yeast derived from fermented sake. It’s known to shrink large pores, smoothe texture, minimize sebum production, and revitalize skin. Yes, it’s a fungus, but it’s a fungus that works hard and is great for you.
Now that all the details are out of the way, let’s put ‘em to the test. Some by Mi has impressed us before with its acne-clearing Miracle Line, which quickly became a customer fave. We crossed our fingers for this duo to deliver, too. Did it? Scroll for BeautyMNL team member Dani’s galactomyces experience!


“I have combination skin that veers on the oily side, with noticeable pores on and around my nose. That, and I have freckles from not wearing enough SPF to shield me from the sun, plus dark spots left over from scratching off zits. I know I don’t have the best skincare habits, but I don’t want to look the part, which is why I wanted to try this brightening + tightening combo. I’ve only ever read about galactomyces from Kim’s articles, but I never tried using it on my face. I preferred ingredients that sound like they can uncover layers of new skin overnight, like acids and exfoliants with gritty textures. But this was a different kind of experience. I liked that I only had to use two products aside cleanser, which is perfect for a lazy person like me. And that it didn’t react negatively with my skin. The best part is that it actually worked. I felt like after two weeks of using this, it amped up my glow and even according to some friends, gave me more of a “poreless” look. The difference was subtle, but noticeable enough to want to keep it in my skincare rotation. Would recommend for anyone looking to make their skin look its best with minimal effort!” —Dani, 27
Would you try this duo to rescue your pores? Sound off below!

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