Working out can get a little boring, especially when you get used to the routine of it. By Day X of the same old, same old, you might start itching for a change of pace. That’s why we love fitness studios: the really good ones offer you experiences you can’t have anywhere else—as is the case with Elev8 Lagree Fitness™ Studio. The BGC hotspot has become a fast favorite among wellness warriors and anybody working on their fitness, no-fuss as it is. We’ve been hearing glowing reviews about Elev8 and the Lagree workout it champions forever, so we had to try it for ourselves. Read up on what two BeautyMNL team members, Dani and Ayana, learned from their two-week Elev8 experience!


Lagree Fitness™ is a patented full-body workout done on a Hollywood-based, spring resistance training machine called the Megaformer™. Each 45-minute class at Elev8 Studio aims to push your body to the point of fatigue, which facilitates more efficient fat and calorie burning (between 500-800 calories!) and lean muscle growth.

On their website, Elev8 notes that the workout “combines strength, endurance, cardiovascular, balance, flexibility, and core training, saving you time and maximizing results.” On the Megaformer™, you’re instructed to go low and slow, and to exercise total control in all your movements. During the class itself, Elev8’s instructors remind you that it’s not about getting in as many moves as possible. Rather, it’s about making sure you’re working your muscles so relentlessly that you start to shake. As a result, you come out of every workout feeling completely wiped—but so much stronger than when you started.


Now, all of that sounds good in theory, but how does an actual sweat session at Elev8 play out? Can only the already-fit among us survive, or is there room for the curious but less experienced?

After two or so weeks at Elev8, Ayana swears Lagree is for everybody: “Prior to Lagree, my main activity was yoga. Some classes pushed me harder than others, but I wouldn’t call my practice intense overall. So when I started at Elev8, it was a shock to my system: my legs were shaking after the first day, and my body ached for a while after. Luckily, the adjustment period was relatively short, so I didn’t get the chance to even think about giving up. After the first 3 classes, I got used to the grind. The workouts didn’t get any easier, but my body became less resistant to being pushed as far as it could go. The Megaformer™, with its adjustable spring loads, straps, and sliding carriage, was familiar territory within the first week.

Elev8’s instructors cheered us all on during every class, challenging us to push past our limits, while also giving us space to slow down or take a breath where we needed it. I became better at watching my form, following every sequence as instructed, and understanding my body. I think anybody could benefit from that!”

Since the workout is done entirely on the Megaformer™, you don’t need a lot by way of attire or accessories. Comfy bottoms that let you move with ease, sweat-wicking tops, and grip socks are the only requirements for each session, so you can jump into it tomorrow if you’re that curious! Ayana used: Lotus Activewear Kira Lasercut Leggings in Black, P750, Strength Activewear Ballerina Grip Socks, P499, BKR Little Water Bottle (500ml), P2,350 Dani used: Tesla Yoga Pants High-Waist Tummy Control in Olive, P1,399, Strength Activewear Ballerina Grip Socks, P499, Sip PH Black Rocket, P1,000


Since diet plays a major role in getting sustainably fit and healthy, Elev8 also offers a nutrition program customized to each participant’s fitness goals and health requirements. First, Dani and Ayana went through a Body Fat Analysis, which gave them information on what areas needed muscle-building and fat loss, what their metabolic age is, and what their macronutrient needs are, among other things. All of which, of course, informed the diet plan they needed to be on to maximize their time at Elev8.

With the BFA out of the way, the two got their recommended meal plans, which was personally put together by Founder of Elev8, Janie Buelow. Each plan considers factors like dietary restrictions and required macros, which make them totally unique to the individual. Dani learned, for example, that she needed more carbs than protein, while Ayana needed the opposite. While each plan was comprehensive, Janie reminded the pair that they were still flexible: as long as they met their macros, they can swap ingredients out and cook their food to their liking. The question is—was it easy to stick to overall, and did they notice a difference in their workouts when they changed what they ate?

Dani shares: “I’m not a fan of dieting. Any time I’ve tried one, I ended up eating more of what I shouldn’t. But this nutrition program didn’t feel like a diet—it was more like a roadmap to eating better and healthier. The 3-day sample plan covered all food groups, including veggies which, admittedly, I don’t normally get enough of.

And while the food portions were different from what I’m used to, I was surprised how much more satisfied and energetic I felt throughout the day. Not only that, but they also helped me power through the workouts (and recover from them, too!).” TRY: The Superfood Grocer Vegan Pea Protein Powder (1 lb / 454g), P900, Roarganics Pure Pea Protein 250g, P450 (limited time only), Adrice Adlai (1kg), P330, Made by Maxine Almond Butter - Roasted (225g), P360


Now, with all the work that goes into it, it just makes sense to expect results. Dani and Ayana took 10 classes within a 2-week span, which sounds like a lot. However, Janie insists that a full-body transformation requires much more time than that, as muscles are slow to develop. Like with other exercises, Lagree requires consistency, discipline, and patience—and every body goes at its own pace, turning up different “results.”

That said, let’s check in with Dani and Ayana post-Lagree!

Beyond building strength and seeing the positive physical changes in her body, Dani shares that the classes did more for her than that: “Sometimes, after a really hectic day at work, the last thing I wanted to do was crunch, lunge, and muscle my way through a class. But I realized how much more I needed it on those days. Lagree actually became a little ‘me-moment.’ In the throes of its intense 45-minute class, it was impossible to think of my mental to-do list—the only thing I could do was breathe. So, by the end, I didn’t only notice physical results, but mental ones, too.”

Meanwhile, Ayana loves the sustained energy boost and mindfulness that Lagree inspired in her: “I never felt more in-tune with my body than when I was doing these workouts. Since they were so intensive, I didn’t have the luxury of spacing out or going on autopilot. I had to be mindful of everything I was doing, the machine, the movements—I was completely present in the activity. After every class, I would feel exhausted, but like my time was really well-spent. I never regretted a single workout, even the ones I dreaded because I was already tired from a long day. In the end, it was always a good break and a welcome challenge, and the energizing effects stretched through the whole two weeks. I’ve really never felt lighter!”


Short answer, yes, they would. Dani explains that she was never a fan of group workout classes, because they tend to feel too crowded. At Elev8, though, that wasn’t the case:

“These classes were intimate without losing the camaraderie that comes with sweating together. They also felt like a nice change from my usual workout routine. No class was the same, which prevented any monotony, and within a short period of time, I felt super challenged, making it feel like a good workout every time.” Meanwhile, Ayana loved how easy it was to get into the Lagree groove, even with her limited experience: “Even though I’m a newbie when it comes to more rigorous workouts, I was able to ease into it with little struggle. So TBH, if I could do it, I think everyone could (and should!) try it out. It’s not as scary as it seems, and it’s totally worth it. I super miss putting my body to work on the Megaformer™, so I think it’s just a matter of time before I’m on it again.”

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