Starbucks might have just launched a technicolor cold brew, but the ingredient behind the drink’s magic properties has been around for a while.
The butterfly pea flower has been used as a food dye in Southeast Asia for over hundreds of years. When steeped in water, its petals infuse a gorgeous indigo hue into foods and drinks alike. For most of us, this might already be impressive on its own. But the magic truly happens when citrus is put in the mix. Just squeeze in a lemon or a lime and voilà! Your dark blue drink will transform into a dreamy purple hue within seconds.
However, the joy of ingesting butterfly pea doesn’t stop there—it’s actually quite good for you! It contains antioxidants that promote a healthy heart and protect against the effects of aging. Studies also show that can help improve brain function and memory, too.
If you’re curious, try the Manila Superfoods Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, which is made of dried butterfly pea flower buds. Sure, it tastes nothing like the Starbucks Lemonade Cold Brew, which uses both sugar and coffee. But it has a smooth and earthy flavor that is quite similar to unsweetened green tea. What’s not to love? Here’s exactly how to make your own cup of this psychedelic liquid at home!


STEP 1: Steep 4 flower buds in boiling water until the water turns blue.
STEP 2: Pour into a cup. Optional: Squeeze in a lemon wedge and watch it change color.
See? Magic!
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