Calling all makeup enthusiasts: Benefit’s cult-classic primer just got another makeover. If you can recall back to when the hype surrounded this tried-and-true formula, beauty gurus could not stop gushing about its flawless-looking finish. From the way it blurred pores to the smooth canvas it left behind, this became the instant quick fix people were looking for. Which is why we’re happy to report the crowd-favorite is back with a silky smooth hydrating version: The POREfessional Hydrate Primer.


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For the most part, this one takes some of the best things about the original—the same lightweight, pore-minimizing magic, ability to balance out oiliness, incredible setting power—and adds another dimension to it with a lovely blend of hyaluronic acid and shea butter. In other words, the duo that makes this primer live up to its 12-hour hydration promise.
It’s the perfect addition for those who regularly notice dry patches and creasing with the first one, or others who simply want a smoother, more moisturized face. Ask anyone with dry skin, and they’ll probably mention their share of terrible base experiences. Be it clumping, flaking, or straight up caking, it’s starting to look like too much effort is going into looking effortless! Which, my dear, it should not.
Now, don’t get us wrong, this isn’t just about those with drier than dry skin—it’s for the oilier-than-thou people, too. After all, isn’t the grease on your face partly because your skin’s dehydrated? Well, if you do happen to know your crazy sebum levels stem from your skin overcompensating for its current lack of moisture, this one definitely deserves a spot in your vanity kit.

And just in case you’re wondering—no. This does not leave the usual dewy effect. So whether you’re into that or not, you’re bound to get that shine-free look going on. But you know what, don’t just take our word for it—peek it for yourself. We tested out The POREfessional Hydrate Primer here at the office to see if it’ll live up to our expectations. Scroll!


For this first test, we wanted to see whether the primer would make a difference on the skin’s moisture levels. We asked Tati if she could take it upon herself to be our guinea pig, and used a Skin Facial Analyzer Tester with a Digital Moisture Monitor to measure if there was a change before and after applying the formula on her skin. Here’s what happened:
Based on the reference guide, the normal range of skin hydration for the cheeks is 40~60%. Notice how the primer immediately increased the moisture content on Tati’s skin right after application. And while the number did dip after a few hours, it wasn’t too bad considering the results were still significantly higher than her original result. Pretty promising, if you ask us.


As for the makeup test, we wanted to spot whether the primer held up to its actual job description—ensuring makeup stays in place. Of course, this also covers a couple of extra benefits like seamless application, minimal shine, and a generally hydrated and healthy look. So, we asked Tati to apply her everyday makeup look and asked her not to retouch or blot for the next 6 hours. Here’s how it turned out:
Silky and lightweight? I think that’s pretty accurate. I don’t really feel it, it’s almost like it’s barely there. But I did notice that my skin looked smoothened out. It feels much softer and even, too. I already use their Porefessional Pearl Primer, which helps keep my oily areas matte.

With this primer, I’d say I don’t feel as oily [as that one] by the end of the day. My concealer tends to leave my skin oilier than usual, so I’m surprised this made a difference. Like I noticed that my blush and concealer completely stayed.” —Tati, Combination Skin


I like it, all the dry bumps on my skin seemed to disappear with this. My skin looks super smooth! When you put it on, it’s like a flat surface—like what do you call it—a fresh canvas. I’m actually more impressed that I’m not oily. Is it true that when you’re properly hydrated you’re less oily? I think that’s what happened. Plus, it’s nice that my primer doubles as a moisturizer. I’d recommend this.” —Tati, Combination Skin

Digital Moisture Monitor for Skin Facial Face Analyzer Tester not included.

If you would like to give these a try, Benefit’s The POREfessional Hydrate Primer is available on BeautyMNL at P2,120 a pop. You can also shop The POREfessional Hydrate Primer Mini for only P860 and discover more Benefit essentials right here.

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