Whether you have large pores or not, blackheads will always find a way into your skin. But before you even think about squeezing the life out of ‘em, let’s take a closer look at exactly what they are. Blackheads are basically a mix of oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that have built up inside pores, usually around the nose and cheeks. When the surface area of those pores are exposed to air, the sebum oxidizes and turns black. Hence, the name “blackhead.”

Sounds gross, we know! But no matter how tempting it might be to poke your blackheads out, the damage you’ll leave doing so will be far worse. So, what can you do instead? Well, we’ve found 4 blackhead removers that get the job done without hurting your skin. See ‘em at work, below!


WHAT WE TRIED: Dewytree Blackhead Out Nose Patch, P199

Need instant results? Pull out your blackheads with a nifty nose strip. Not only are these economical and practical, they’re super easy to use, too. Simply apply a strip on clean skin, then wait for the recommended amount of time before carefully peeling it off.

Made especially for acne-prone skin, these particular strips are infused with oil-absorbing volcanic ash and charcoal. These effectively draw out impurities stuck inside your pores, leaving your skin clearer, smoother, and more refined.
APPLICATION TIME: 10-15 minutes
DOWNTIME: None. You’ll see instant results once the strip has been peeled. The cleanup goes for both blackheads and whiteheads!

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WHAT WE TRIED: BioAqua Activated Carbon Blackhead Removal Mask, now on sale at P349 (limited time only)

Similar to nose strips, peel-off masks remove blackheads right on the spot. What sets them apart? You can apply a peel-off mask on any part of your face or body—not just your nose! Just use a dollop of product to coat the affected area. Then, wait for the product to dry down completely. Carefully peel off the edges and lift towards the center. Finally, rinse off any remaining residue.

Made with activated charcoal, this peel-off mask detoxifies the skin by absorbing both pore-clogging and surface impurities. But its skin care benefits don’t stop there! Infused with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E, this purifying mask also keeps your skin balanced and moisturized. Buh-bye, comedones!
APPLICATION TIME: 15-20 minutes
DOWNTIME: None. You’ll see noticeable results right after you peel off the mask and wash your face.

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WHAT WE TRIED: April Skin Pinkyclay Nose Pack, on sale at P750 (limited time only)

Multi-step packs might seem a bit tedious, but we swear they’re worth the hassle. Unlike instant blackhead strips, these formulas go to greater lengths to ensure the least amount of irritation. That means each step serves a purpose—whether it’s to loosen dirt or close your pores after removal.

Following the proper steps is key for clay nose kits. Start by soaking the provided nose sheet with the toner, then apply it over your nose. Let it sit for around 10 minutes to open up your pores and soften the blackheads. Follow this up with the charcoal-infused clay pack, which should be applied over your nose and T-zone. Once it’s dry, slowly peel off the mask to draw out the loosened impurities. Rinse off any remaining residue. Finally, finish with the essence, which soothes skin and re-tightens the pores. It’s almost like an at-home facial!
APPLICATION TIME: 25-30 minutes
DOWNTIME: You may see some immediate results, but these will vary depending on your skin condition. We recommend 1-2 weeks of continued use for best results.

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WHAT WE TRIED: COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, P963

Now if we’re talking about long-term results, BHA exfoliants are your best bet. These potent solutions use betahydroxy acids that seep deep into your pores to break down the buildup. All you have to do is apply the product directly over your skin with your fingers! Then, pat until fully absorbed. Do this two to three times a week, right after toning.

This cult-status exfoliant contains a combination of different acids: namely, salicylic acid, 4% BHA, and natural BHA. Together, these powerful ingredients penetrate the skin to dissolve pore-clogging dirt. Sure, it takes a little longer to see a visible difference. But all things considered, it’s a small price to pay for sustained, long-term results.
DOWNTIME: It takes approximately 27 days for skin to renew, so 3-4 weeks should be enough time for the results to show. Some people report seeing a difference in as little as 1-2 weeks!

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So, which blackhead remover are you willing to try?

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