Honestly, having large pores isn’t all that bad. (As long as you’re taking good care of your skin!) In the grand scheme of things, these little openings regulate your body temperature and lubricate skin with your natural oils. You know, things it should be doing! But when it comes to makeup, we do understand that it can get pretty frustrating. After all, your pores do play a role when it comes to uneven skin texture.

So yes, makeup doesn’t go on as smoothly. Applying it also requires more effort! But that’s where primer comes in. It acts as a skin-perfecting layer that creates an even base for you to layer your makeup on. And while some people have mixed opinions and opt to skip it entirely, there’s no denying that it does pull through when you need a smooth canvas to work with.

That said, it got us wondering: how far can primer take your makeup? Huge pores, texture, and all? Let’s find out! Below, peep the three primers we tested to “erase”, “minimize”, and “blur” the appearance of pores. (They won’t actually be gone, but that’s your secret to keep!)

1. Banila Co. Prime Primer (Classic), P1,150
This primer does what it promises—stops shine, feels light, and controls oil— but it’s the clear, silky smooth texture that ultimately wins us over. It glides on effortlessly over pores, diffusing them to look less visible, and leaves a satin-like base to layer your makeup on. And while this classic version is a balanced formula that sets neither dry nor greasy, Banila Co. also has a mattifying and hydrating version for those with oilier and drier skin types. Makes a great first primer for those who don’t know where to start!

Shop it here, the matte primer here, and the hydrating primer here.

2. The Benefit Porefessional Value Size, P3,580
Hailed as a beauty essential by many, this classic primer isn’t an award winner for nothing. Its pore-fecting formula spreads like a dream, retouches skin by masking uneven texture, and protects your face against free radicals. The effect is a soft-focus, airbrushed finish that lets you walk out the door with an insta-ready, no-filter look in seconds. (With or without makeup!) One thing to note: the primer does have a slight tint, but it blends well to easily complement all skin tones.

Shop it here, the mini size here, and the full size here.

3. Dermacol Satin Make Up Base, P1,199
Dermacol might be a fan favorite for its high duty coverage, but their skin-smoothening primer deserves the same recognition for its quality formula. Just swipe on a layer and the transparent, velvety soft film seems to disappear before your eyes. Sure, it might seem like nothing at first, but the invisible barrier actually helps prep your face for makeup, leaving skin “poreless” and crease-free. Plus, the formula is said to be hypoallergenic too, which is always a win in our book.

Shop it here.

Did it live up to your expectations? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comments, below!

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