Earlier this year, drugstore favorite L.A. Girl Cosmetics launched their PRO Matte HD Foundation in 14 shades (7 shades locally): the oily skin-friendly version of their dewy finish PRO Coverage Illuminating Foundation. The high-definition, long-wear matte foundie was an instant hit among beauty vloggers, impressing everyone from Tati to our very own Anne Clutz. Suffice to say, the oily-combo girls in the BeautyMNL team have been hyped for these. Could this P799 newbie actually match up to our suite of go-to base mattes? We put it through a wear test to find out!


Ideal for combination to oily skin types, the PRO Matte HD offers medium to full coverage that sets into a soft, suede-matte finish. A little goes a long way with this, but it’s super easy to blend out to your desired sheerness. It minimizes pores and fine lines and evens out skin tone without caking up, even as you build on the product. Texturally, it’s creamy without being runny, which makes it compatible with both buffer brushes and blending sponges. Its formula is paraben-free and comes with vitamins and sunflower oil for nourishment, so it’s meant to be mattifying minus the dryness.


To test the PRO Matte HD’s claims, we got Kathy, who’s an oily skin type, to wear it throughout a full work day—twice. Once with the works (primer, powder, and setting spray), to see how it fares with all the basic oil-proofers. The second time, Kathy went with just the foundation, so we could get the most accurate view of its staying power. Here’s what we learned:

In the first shot, Kathy’s rocking a makeup-free base with just a bit of her everyday moisturizer and sunscreen on top. As you can see, she has some redness around her nose area, and a few dark spots and blemishes around the perimeter of her face.

In the second shot, she’s wearing just one layer of the PRO Matte HD (she’s the shade Beige) with a smoothing primer underneath to take care of her pores. The foundation has completely evened out her skin tone, leaving it with that suede-matte finish we were expecting.

In the third shot, Kathy’s finished her look with a touch of blush, lip tint, brow color, powder, and setting spray. Altogether, the products blend seamlessly together, no caking in sight. Plus, unlike other matte foundations, this one doesn’t leave her face looking (or feeling!) dry: “It actually feels super light on me,” shares Kathy. “I don’t feel like I’m wearing a full face of makeup right now.”

In the first shot, Kathy’s coming in after a 7-hour day. Most noticeably, her t-zone has oiled up, with much of it concentrated on her nose area. Earlier, at the 4-hour mark, Kathy had felt the need to blot her face: “I really feel my oiliness coming through now,” she said. Still, she kept the blotting papers in her bag to see how much farther the PRO Matte HD could take her.

In the final shot, Kathy has thoroughly blotted her face to get rid of the shine. Some of the product appears to crack around her oiliest areas post-blotting, like those above her cheeks. Quite a bit of it has also rubbed off on her chin: “That might be because I was wiping at that area through dinner,” says Kathy.

Still, what remains of the PRO Matte HD looks fresh, especially considering how much Kathy has oiled up throughout the day. Her redness isn’t totally neutralized anymore, but it’s still relatively subdued, too. Her reco? “Maybe a really good mattifying powder, like the L.A. Girl PRO Face Pressed Powder, would help with wear time. I would’ve retouched if I could!”
For this round, we’re opting to skip primer to see how the PRO Matte HD does without. In the first shot, Kathy’s wearing just her moisturizer and spf without anything else. In the second, she only has on a layer of the foundation (1 full pump’s worth) and she hasn’t set it with powder or setting spray. “Minus the primer, the finish is definitely not as smooth,” she says.

Two hours into it, Kathy was already oiling up at the same rate she did the day before—at the 4-hour mark. “My face feels a lot stickier without the extra setting stuff,” she said. By the seventh hour, her face was an oil slick. Compared to the previous day, where only her t-zone was shiny, skipping the powder and spray left her oily everywhere.

In the last shot, Kathy used up a grand total of (3) blotting sheets to get rid of all the oil buildup. Surprisingly, what’s left of the PRO Matte HD appears to have blurred the pores on her nose area, mimicking the effects of a light BB cream. “I love this formula, but it’s not a miracle-worker. Oily girls will still have to powder up and set it if they want it to perform at its best,” she advises.


So if you’re considering giving this a whirl, we’d also recommend picking up a pore-minimizing primer, for an even base that’ll help your foundation stay on for longer. And we’re sure oily girls know this well, but do feel free to blot and retouch as the day wears on! The PRO Matte HD doesn’t budge after a bit of light blotting, so you don’t have to worry about keeping its even finish. A few spritzes of setting spray would go a long way here, too, if you’re on the ultra oily side!
Overall, the PRO Matte HD foundation has proven itself worth the buzz—and worthy of the #GetMatteGetEven hashtag it’s claimed. While it doesn’t completely control oil, especially not on its own, it definitely wow’d us where its mattifying powers and coverage are concerned. Plus points for its lightweight formula and ability to power through a few rounds of blotting!

The L.A. Girl Pro Matte Foundation is available in 7 shades on BeautyMNL for P799. Shop it right here!

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