We know we shouldn’t wear makeup to the gym. But there’s one part of our faces we never leave bare, even during a workout: our brows. The only problem is looking for a product that can keep up. Most usually melt off as soon as we break a sweat. Luckily, US-based brand Covergirl offers 3 formulas that promise to withstand your most grueling gym sesh.
Known for their all-day wear, the brow pomade, brow pencil, and brow powder kit were put to the test by 3 BeautyMNL girls during their workout. How did each fare? The results, below!


WHAT WE USED: Easy Breezy Brow Sculpt + Pomade in 710 Soft Brown, now on sale at P360 (limited time only)

A pigmented cream-gel that shapes and sculpts brows, while grooming unruly strands. It also has a small applicator that helps draw hair-like strokes with precision.

THE WORKOUT: Circuit Training
NISEE: “After doing several sets of high intensity workouts with a lot of sweating and occasional forehead wiping, I was surprised to see that my eyebrows did not budge. It was as if I never worked out!”

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WHAT WE USED: Easy Breezy Brow Fill + Define Brow Pencil in 505 Rich Brown, now on sale at P320, (limited time only)

This creamy pencil is light and buildable, leaving your brows as natural as possible. Plus, it comes with a sharpener to keep your lines sharp and clean.

TRISH: “I expected it to fade faster cause it was a very intense workout, but I was so surprised that when I got back and looked at myself in the mirror, I still looked put together!”

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WHAT WE USED: Easy Breezy Brow Powder Kit in 710 Soft Brown, now on sale at P360 (limited time only)

This versatile kit is perfect for makeup pros and newbies alike. It houses two brow shades and a highlighter to create a wide range of brow looks, from bold to natural-looking.

THE WORKOUT: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
ANGIE: “I wasn’t expecting much when I tried this on. I didn’t even put a primer! But really happy to find that it worked after my workout. It didn’t drip, streak, or budge even after all that sweat.”

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Surprise, surprise! It’s amazing to see how this test turned out, even more so the results. Each of the BeautyMNL girls were stunned with the outcome as well, proving that the products remained budge-proof throughout their workout. Now, which will you be trying for yourself?

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