When you’re having a run of bad luck, we attribute that to Mercury being in retrograde. When someone is the way they are, we reason out that it’s because of their suns, moons, and risings. And when someone’s acting up, it’s easy to just blame it on their zodiac signs.

While so much can be revealed about someone through their signs, it’s not only our demeanor that seemingly follows the way of the stars. Go through your closet, be on the lookout for similar styles, matching prints, and color schemes, and you’ll see what we mean—because believe it or not, our star signs also play a part in how we dress.

Still not convinced? Scroll down for 12 looks that represent each zodiac sign’s style and see if the stars nailed your fashion choices.


(March 21 - April 20)

The cool and creative Aries sports street style almost on the daily. As one of the Zodiac’s trendsetters, they make classic pieces like this peplum top blend into a fashion-forward ensemble with subtle statement pieces like this two-fabric skirt.

Gabby wears the Karan Top in Black by Mode de Vie, P840, for a limited time only, and the Two Fabric Skirt by The Fifth Clothing, P450. Shop them here and here.


(April 21 - May 21)

Comfortable earth-toned clothing is a staple in any Taurus woman’s wardrobe. A true believer of form and function, they pair practical pieces like this jumpsuit and blazer to show that their style is always on point, but never overdone.

Angie wears the Angelica Halter Jumpsuit in Beige by Frassino Collezione, P999, and the Linen Coat in Dust Pink by Veentedge, P950. Shop them here and here.


(May 22 - June 21)

A modern risk-taker, the trendy Gemini is always drawn to sleek, but never simple pieces like this asymmetrical top. True to their social butterfly personality, they like to shake things up when it comes to fashion—and that can mean as much as throwing on the brightest pair of pants while wearing statement earrings, too!

Aly wears the Nani by CRP, P1,550, the Natalie Slim Cropped Pants by Loukha, P1,499, and the Kiwi Earrings by Froot, P130. Shop them here, here, and here.


(June 22 - July 22)

Sophisticated, elegant, and polished—these are three words that encapsulate a Cancer woman’s style. In a dressy but never stiff look like this, she carries herself with poise and class, while showing her fun side with low-key, yet striking accessories.

Maia wears the Marni Dress in Light Grey by Mode de Vie, P1,820, and the Bella (Matte Hexagon Acrylic Hoop Earrings) in Orange by Kera & Co, P238, for a limited time only. Shop them here and here.


(July 23 - August 21)

The fiery Leo will never say no to the fashion challenge of eye-catching patterns and vibrant colors. They might even wear both bright bolds and loud prints together to make an eccentric statement that just works. Finished off with flashy accessories, this look proves that being extra isn’t a bad thing at all!

Ayana wears the Mariana Top in Black Polkadot by Mode de Vie, P1,550, the Ella Skirt by Lola & Daisies, P750, and the Bellagio Thick Hoop Earrings in Gold by Loukha, P449. Shop them here, here, and here.


(August 22 - September 23)

No matter how creative a Virgo can get, she’ll never be able to leave out her feminine side. One to focus on the details, she’s drawn to lady-like and modest garments such as this tailored dress. A dainty pair of earrings shows that she takes time to appreciate the little things, too.

Andi wears the Willow Mini Dress in Blush Pink by Suzy Clothing, P1,995, and the Boysenberry Earrings by Froot, P120. Shop them here and here.


(September 24 - October 23)

The edgy Libra likes to keep things classic by wearing timeless pieces with a modern twist, like printed pants. Gravitating toward darker colors, they give importance to balancing their look for that seamless transition from daytime errands to a chill night with friends.

Kathy wears the Billie Slouch Top in Navy by Willow, P800, and the Slim Fit Pants in Black with Grid Print by The Fifth Clothing, P400. Shop them here and here.


(October 24 - November 22)

Another one to bring some edge into her style is the Scorpio. While she’s polished to perfection, she also plays around with dark, rich colors by adding little accents here and there to create a look that’s both streamlined and avant-garde.

Marla wears the Blazer Romper by Tansshop, P1,650, and The Amanda by Ky, P419. Shop them here and here.


(November 23 - December 22)

The polished Sagittarius woman has an unfussy style that just always works. Probably the proud owner of as many kinds of buttoned-up tops as you can imagine, she adds a little oomph to her outfit with a boho piece that brings out her feminine side.

Dana wears the Caitlyn Top by Lola & Daisies, P800, and the Audrey Printed Square Pants in Pink by Prim and Proper, P599. Shop them here and here.


(December 23 - January 20)

A Capricorn knows that there’s nothing wrong with being a basic b. Always dressed for comfort, she makes sure her closet is filled with staples she can mix and match. Don’t underestimate her style—this black and white ensemble proves that she’s the cupid of clothes and can turn any seemingly plain combo into simple sophistication.

Je wears the Cropped Polo in Black by Toppicks Clothing, P650, and Shim-b’s Straight Crop Jeans by Mantou Clothing, P999. Shop them here and here.


(January 21 - February 19)

The Aquarius woman dares to be different. Considered the fashion rebel of the Zodiac, she’s game to take on any clothing experiment, may it be a bright ribbon-sleeved top and polka dot pants, just to make a statement or maybe start a trend while she’s at it. She’ll even pair it with dainty earrings just because she can!

Mara wears the Anne Off Shoulder Ribbon Detail Top by Frassino Collezione, P599, the Adrianna Pants by So Kate!, P956, for a limited time only, and the Haru Earrings by Renée the Label, P280. Shop them here, here, and here.


(February 20 - March 20)

Jewel-toned clothing is every Pisces’ best friend. While quite subdued, her style never shies away from easy, breezy, and sexy. She wears soft prints, flowy cuts, and minimal details and accents for that unassuming, yet romantic flair.

Frankie wears the Cam Top in Green by Patricia Syquiatco, P1,200, and the Adriana Wide Leg Pants in Black by Frassino Collezione, P749. Shop them here and here.

While you might be inspired to put together outfit combos to help you fully channel your star sign, you might have missed out on the elegant zodiac sign necklaces that complete each look. These laid-back pieces might just be what you need to spice up any outfit!

Each model wears The Symbol of the zodiac sign they represent by What’s Your Sign, all at P500 each. Coming soon on BeautyMNL.

Have other outfit combos inspired by your zodiac sign? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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