In the BeautyMNL office, there’s an ongoing debate on whether natural deodorant is as effective as regular deodorant. When pitted against ultra-strength drugstore brands, many natural formulas fall short of what a deodorant should do.

So whenever a natural formula claims to keep us smelling fresh all day long, we’re always a little suspicious. Well, this is precisely what the 2 in 1 Deodorant Powder by Milcu promises.
The Milcu 2 in 1 Deodorant Powder utilizes the power of tawas—which is what makes it work. If you’re one of the few Pinoys who don’t know what tawas is, it’s basically pure mineral particles that help knock out unpleasant smells without plugging up your pores. In this case, the Milcu powder works as an invisible layer against odor for up to 24 hours—or at least until your next shower. According to their website, it’s also free of preservatives, synthetic ingredients, and fragrances. Perfect for the fussiest of pits!
In spite of the the Milcu 2 in 1 Deodorant Powder’s long list of accolades, we were still unsure it would work. So we put it through a smell test! One of our sweatiest officemates (we kept her anonymous for obvious reasons) wore it for a whole work day, and we made two of our other officemates sniff her afterward. Scroll for the verdict!


While the Milcu Deodorant Powder doesn’t absorb as much sweat as an antiperspirant, it certainly keeps odor away. You might, however, have to reapply the powder on long, super-sweaty days. Luckily, this won’t prove much of a problem: you can apply it to your underarms any time, anywhere without leaving a white cast on your clothes.

But the one thing we love most about the deodorant powder is how versatile it is. Not only can you use it to neutralize unpleasant smells on your pits, you can also use it on your feet. That way, you can smell clean from head-to-toe.

In short:
So, would you use a natural deodorant?

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