If you haven’t figured it out already, we’re the kind of people who stock up on face masks the way normal folks stock up on food. Yes, they feel kind of slimy, yes, they look kind of scary—but the instant results just keep pulling us back!

After popping on a mask, you’re left with softer skin, blemish control, and best of all, less stress. We’d recommend masking for the emotional therapy alone, but of course, there’s that added bonus of a fresh face. It’s like you’re giving yourself a mini makeover with every mask you apply.
New to sheet mask mania? We’d recommend a n00b-proof series to start with, like Holika Holika’s Before & After Masks. These Korean must-haves are occasion-specific, so squeezing them into your weekly schedule should be easy-peasy. Here’s what we would do.


As you munch on your breakfast cereal, whip on the Before Office Attendance Mask Sheet. The coffee extracts in it will bring down the bloat caused by your weekend excesses.


Tone-up Tuesday? Great idea! Reward yourself for that awesome workout with the After Lesports Mask Sheet. A calming combination of honey and aloe will relieve redness and restore lost moisture.


Today’s the big board meeting, and you need to impress. Apply the Before Interview Mask Sheet prior to your war paint. An infusion of spinach, pomegranate, and lemon will illuminate your face and draw the right kind of attention.


It’s inevitable: your deadlines have crept up on you as the workweek draws to a close. Clock out, hit the shower, then reach for the After Night Overtime Mask Sheet. The peppermint and chamomile in it will minimize how haggard you look in the morning.


Cheers to the weekend! Grab a drink and dance the night away—you deserve it, wonderwoman. Just so your hard-partying doesn’t get to your skin, pop on the Before Deep Sleep Mask Sheet as you slip into your PJs. The lavender and lily blend will lull you to (beauty) sleep.


Headed to the coast or the cliffs for the day? Don’t forget to pack the After Taking A Trip Mask Sheet. A conditioning blend of tomato, kiwi, orange, and coconut will banish any signs of travel fatigue.


Oh, yay, you’re seeing bae! Get glowing with the Before Date Mask Sheet—you can even use it while you soak in the bath. Four fruit essences will gently exfoliate your skin, smoothing out the rough patches and priming the face for makeup.

Seven masks in seven days is definitely a crash course, so we understand if you feel overwhelmed! But consider this: Chinese movie star Fan Bing Bing reportedly goes through 600 masks in a year. And that lady’s skin is flawless. Check Insta for proof.

All Holika Holika Before & After Masks are available on BeautyMNL for P95 each. Shop them right here.