Cue the confetti, jazz hands, and happy tears: the BeautyMNL Mobile App is now available on the App Store! You asked for it, so here it is—a loving little present from us to you.

The BeautyMNL App is a super seamless, swagged-out version of our Shop, featuring over 500 beauty brands and close to 15,000 products for your shopping pleasure. Here are just some of the cool things you can look forward to when you download it:

1) In-app promos like exclusives sales and discounts
2) A crisp, minimalist layout anyone can navigate
3) A fully-refined search function that makes it easier to find what you want, fast
4) All payment options you currently enjoy on BeautyMNL

Check out the app right here on the App Store. To learn how to use it, watch our video or keep scrolling for insider tips.


This is the first thing you’ll see when you open our app. If you have an existing account, just log in.
If not, sign up!


Swipe through the carousel to see cool new launches and this week’s best deals.
Scroll down to the collections and click any tile to explore.
Scroll through the navigation bar of the collection. Click on a category for a more specific search. Each category is organized by need to help you find the best product for you.
To return to the Homepage, click the Shop Tab.
Stuff on Sale
On BeautyMNL, there’s always stuff on sale! Scroll through the reel to discover great discounts.
Top Brands
Our top-selling brands are displayed right on the homepage. To see every brand we carry, click the Brands Tab. (More on that later!)
Exciting Products
We know best sellers and new arrivals are important to you, so you can find them on the homepage, too. You can toggle between the two tabs to see our most exciting products at a given time.
To see all our ongoing promos, click the Promos page. We always have several promos running concurrently to make your shopping super fun.


Looking for something? Click the Search Tab and type in a keyword (or two). Our search function is super fast and should show you exactly what you need.
Product Page
Click any product page to find out more about a product.
Click Read More to show all product information.
To see what other customers think about this product, click the Read Reviews button.

When you’ve read enough, click the X. This will bring you back to the product page.
Adding to Cart
Click the plus sign to add a product to your cart.

  • If you click once, you’ll add one piece. If you click twice, you’ll add two.
  • If you added too many, click the minus sign.


We carry 500+ products right now! Click the Brands Tab to see them all. To find a specific brand, use the vertical alphabet or just scroll. Click on a brand to view its available product assortment. If you see a product you can’t live without, add it to your cart!


Ready to buy? Open your cart, then click Checkout.
Fill up the delivery form. Click Next.
Click your preferred mode of payment (e.g. Cash on Delivery). Then click Pay!
Your invoice will be emailed to you.


To view your order, click the Orders Tab. The Orders Tab displays your pending orders as well as all your previous orders.


To view or edit your BeautyMNL account, click the Account Tab.

  • This tab contains your account settings, credit information, and our FAQs.
  • Got a question? Chances are, our FAQs have got the answer.
  • If you have any concerns, send an email

    Happy shopping, beautiful!

    The BeautyMNL App is currently available on iOS. Download it on mobile by clicking here. Stay tuned for updates!

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