If you’ve always thought of getting a drastic hair transformation, then you know just how much thinking (and over-thinking) goes into it. Doing a 180-degree turn on your hairstyle takes serious commitment—especially if you’re going from straight to curly or vice versa. There’s always that tiny voice of doubt holding you back, asking, “Are you sure about this?”
Well, the only way to be sure is to try it out! So this week, BeautyMNL asked two women to swap hair at Gionyx Hair and Nail Salon. Ana, who deals with rebellious waves and lots of frizz, got a rebond to straighten her hair. On the other hand, Niki, who has very straight hair, opted for a digital perm to add texture and volume. See the hair-changing results below!


As much as she loves her long, thick, and wavy hair, Ana expressed that it can be a pain to fix in the morning. It takes hours for her hair to dry, and that doesn’t even count the extra minutes she needs to tame frizz and bring down some of the volume. Basically, it’s a less-than-ideal situation for someone who’s got to get to the office bright and early.
For Ana, a rebond sounded like a pretty good solution. It would give her smoother, straighter, less tangled hair that would be much easier to manage. Less styling time in the AM, no more late clock-ins. Phew!

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To begin the treatment, Ana’s hair was thoroughly shampooed to remove any buildup. This step allows for better absorption of the straightening solutions.
The stylist then sprayed Ana’s hair with a special heat protection solution. Getting a rebond involves repeated flat-ironing and blow-drying, so this solution would safeguard Ana’s strands from damage.
Next, the Schwarzkopf Strait Therapy Rebond Cream was smoothed on from root to tip. The stylist meticulously combed out Ana’s hair in sections to make sure every single strand was covered in the cream. This was left to sink in for a while so the silk proteins could break her natural hair bonds as well as boost shine.
We got a preview of the final look when the stylist began flat ironing Ana’s hair. If anything, it hinted at the sleekness and neatness Ana so desired.
Finally, the Straight Neutralizing Milk and L’Oréal Absolute Repair Hair Mask were applied, each step separated by a rinse. These final products ensure the hair stays healthy and the straightening results last long.
Of course, it did take a little quite a while to see the actual results. The rebond experience took five hours from shampoo to blow-dry! But it was a small price to pay for locks that would stay straight for up to six months. Thankfully, the waiting time flew by, thanks to the salon’s free Wi-Fi and refreshments of hot and iced tea.

Voilà! Ana’s hair went from wild ‘n’ wavy to silky and straight. Suffice it to say, she won’t have a problem getting to work on time ever again. (As long as the traffic cooperates…)


Contrary to Ana’s situation, Niki has had pin-straight hair all her life. Besides getting an ombré dye job last year, she hasn’t really done anything drastic to her ‘do. Although Niki has always dreamed of switching things up and going curlier, the thought of tight ’90s ringlets always kept her from taking the plunge.
In her case, a digital perm was her best bet for texture. The new curling technology involved allows stylists to control the curl. This means a trained professional can now dictate just how tight or loose the waves turn out. And since Niki was going for casual, cool-girl waves, this was the perfect treatment for her peg.

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Niki’s hair transformation would take almost as long as Ana’s—four hours to be exact. (Note: If you have super thick hair, expect your Digi Perm to extend a little beyond five hours).

The perm kicked off the same way as the rebond did: with a refreshing shampoo to get rid of buildup. This deal comes with a free haircut, which usually follows the shampoo. But Niki opted not to get her hair trimmed since it was already at her ideal length. Keep in mind that a perm will make your hair seem shorter.
The stylist then brushed on the Schwarzkopf Strait Therapy Rebond Cream, starting three inches from her roots where the curls were meant to begin.
Once the solution was rinsed off, Niki’s hair was carefully sectioned and secured in the rollers.

Every single roller was then attached to an octopus-like perm machine. This machine would heat them up, forcing the strands into their new wavy shape. Niki shared that during this step, her hearing was muffled, creating the ideal quiet reading environment!
For maximum results, the L’Oréal Dulcia Neutralizer was used to set Niki’s new curls. Her stylist generously poured the solution while the rollers were still on.
Finally, Niki’s newly-permed hair was let loose. She couldn’t get enough of the beach babe look created by the Digi Perm. So perfect for summer! She even got to take home a complimentary VS styling product to keep her curls intact for longer.

So, are you ready to make the switch like Ana and Niki?

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Photos by Trish Rivera

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