Let’s just make this clear before anything else: WE LOVE SUMMER. But the same glorious weather that begs for spaghetti-straps and short-shorts doesn’t exactly help us look our best. The heat and humidity can break out all that newly exposed skin, highlighting dry patches instead of silky-smooth skin.
That’s why, for us, the season’s most prized beauty product is a head-to-toe scrub. Case in point: the Clear y Rosy scrub by V&M Naturals, which is proudly made in the Philippines. This dense, whipped scrub can be slathered over your face and body (convenient!). It’s formulated with sea salt to buff your skin and all-natural oils to soothe it. And BTW, it smells like marshmallows and warm vanilla. Nom.

But if you think that’s the only reason we recommend it for summer, you’re wrong! The Clear y Rosy enjoys the added benefit of Gota Kola and papaya extracts, which clear up blemishes and fade dark spots, respectively. With this baby, your smoothest, most summer-ready skin is achievable in the oasis of your bathroom! Here’s what to do.


STEP 1: Dampen your skin.
STEP 2: If you are exfoliating your face, scoop out a coin-sized amount of product. If you are exfoliating your body, just keep adding more coin-sized dollops depending on how large the surface area is.
STEP 3: Distribute the scrub over your face, limbs, elbows, knees, or wherever you want to exfoliate.
STEP 4: Gently massage the product in using small, circular motions.
STEP 5: Rinse.


FEEL: You can definitely feel the exfoliating action of the Clear y Rosy (in a good way!). It’s nothing like those wimpy body scrubs that don’t do anything at all, no matter how much you work them in. In fact, you can get away with scrubbing a bit harder than you usually would without having to worry about redness or irritation. While you’re rubbing it into your skin, this scrub creates a warming sensation—almost as if the effects are going deep into the skin, stimulating circulation with every motion.
EFFECT: Upon rinsing off the product, your skin will look softer and smoother. We’d even go as far as to say brighter. Even better, your pelt won’t feel bone-dry post-scrub. By that we mean you won’t have to pile on loads of lotions to counteract all the scrubbing you just did. This formula moisturizes the skin, too, and leaves it smelling delectable.

The V&M Naturals Clear y Rosy is available on BeautyMNL in two sizes: 250g (P850) and 100g (P355). Click here or here to shop!

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