Our first brush with Heliocare was via their sunscreen pills: nifty orange and green capsules that promise to protect you from UV damage upon sun exposure. Those are pretty big claims, so of course we set out to investigate.
What Dani learned from her week-long experiment? These pills may be ideal for afternoons in the city where there’s plenty of shade, but not so much for sun-heavy beach trips. On the plus side, though, she also discovered that they’re loaded with antioxidants, which helps you glow from within. Bonus perk!

Naturally, with every good idea comes a treasure trove of executions. Heliocare isn’t the only brand out here trying to serve sun protection and brightening in a handy little pill—local brand SOZO Natural has this trick up their sleeve, too.
Meet Dfyage, a premium oral sunblock capsule that comes with whitening and anti-aging benefits, too. We’re not super keen on whitening around here, but anything that boosts skin health is a-ok in our books. Dfyage contains a trio of Astaxanthin, Tremella Fuciformis, and L-Glutathione, all of which are meant to moisturize, brighten, and firm skin in as little as 2 weeks.

Let’s break it down! Astaxanthin is a potent carotenoid that offers protection against free radical damage, which helps maintain skin elasticity. Tremella Fucifromis supplies refreshing vitamin D straight into your skin, which softens and soothes it amidst dryness and heat. Lastly, L-Glutathione (popularly known as gluta) is a powerful anti-ager that restores sun damaged, uneven skin. How’s that for a star-studded cast?
We’ve tried Heliocare’s sunscreen pills and they did us some good, but this SOZO Natural newcomer may give ‘em a run for their money. Plus, for P2,895, you get 60 capsules per bottle. If it means upping our glow and swerving sun damage with every swallow, we’re excited to pop these like candy, too. Just in time for summer!

The SOZO Natural DFYAGE Oral Sunblock is available for P2,900 on BeautyMNL. Shop it right here!

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