Almost every health brand has their own iteration of gummy vitamins, but in terms of popularity, SugarBearHair is Kim Kardashian. The bright blue, bear-shaped gummy vitamin has followers in the millions on Instagram, with a legion of devotees who sing its praises across the world wide web. The only problem? A bottle will set you back a cool P2,100.

So, for those who can’t justify spending that kind of money on beauty vitamins, you’re in luck. We found you an alternative at a fraction of the price:
Although neither blue nor bear-shaped, the Herbs of Earth TruHairCare Vitamins is made up of the same stuff as SugarBearHair.
A single serving (two gummy vitamins) contains, among other ingredients, 5,000mg of biotin or 1,667 percent of the recommended daily value. With that amount, you’re practically guaranteed locks worthy of the Kar-Jenners! While it’s the inside that truly counts, two other factors are worth considering when it comes to gummy vitamins: taste and texture.
One look at the TrueHairCare Vitamins is enough to tell you that it tastes nothing like SugarBearHair. This isn’t to say, however, it’s any less satisfying to eat. It tastes similar to the flavor it’s supposed to resemble—sweet cherry. In fact, it reminds us of a Starburst Cherry Chewy Candy, if only with the slightest medicinal taste. Texture-wise, the gummy is nice and chewy, which makes it hard to resist sticking to the recommended amount.
At P1,490 a bottle, we wouldn’t say the price is chump change. But you certainly don’t need a Kardashian-sized budget to get hair, skin, and nails that would give Kim a run for her money.

The Herbs of the Earth TruHairCare Vitamins are available on BeautyMNL for P1,490. Shop it right here!

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