We often hear or say the phrase, “I got it from my mama,” without thinking that our moms can get it from us, too—whatever it is. Because Mother’s Day is just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to ask our workmates to dress their moms up and see what fashion and styling tips these mamas can get from their daughters.

Watch these 3 girls take on this styling challenge and see what their moms thought about their new outfits.


NICKY’S MOM, MYLENE: Her style is very focused on comfort and her wardrobe staples include short dresses. She loves clothes that give off subtle sexiness, and she’ll pretty much wear anything as long as it’s colorful.
MARA’S MOM, GRACE: While she would happily choose comfort over style, she likes unique pieces like asymmetrical clothes or those with one-of-a-kind prints. She always manages to throw in a pop of color, and she’s very bagets in the daytime, but goes for more sophisticated looks at night.
MAIA’S MOM, LIEZL: A bit more on the dressy side, her wardrobe stays more or less within the same classic color palette. She’s a fan of simple, clean, and elegant lines, and believes that it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.


NICKY’S MOM, MYLENE: Nicky chose an outfit that she thinks her mom wouldn’t really wear, but should: a lavender halter top to show off her mom’s slender shoulders, basic white trousers that are garterized to give the comfort she loves, and glitter hoop earrings to accentuate her mom’s super cool haircut.

Mylene wears the Leala Layered Halter Top in Lavender by Chelsea, P795, the Pippa Pants in White by V.Alice, P525, and the Paris Glitter Hoop Earrings in White, P699. Shop them here, here, and here.

MARA’S MOM, GRACE: Mara picked out a black asymmetrical top, loose-fitting pants just the way her mom likes them, and pink earrings, because pink is her mom’s favorite color. While her mom wouldn’t normally wear earrings this big, Mara wanted to experiment and give the look a more dressed up feel.

Grace wears the Christine Top by George&Rita, P800, the Finn Pants in Grey by Patricia Syquiatco, P1,500, and The Gizelle by Ky, P479. Shop them here, here, and here.

MAIA’S MOM, LIEZL: Maia opted for a black, ruffled, and off-shoulder jumpsuit for her mom because it’s flowy and black—something her mom would wear and maybe already have in her closet. She finished off the look with gray and orange earrings to add some color to her mom’s top-to-toe black ensemble.

Liezl wears the Annie Off Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit in Black by Frassino Collezione, P999 and the Yuri Earrings by Renée the Label, P280. Shop them here and here.


NICKY’S MOM, MYLENE: “Comfortable? Yes, check! Second, a bit sexy? Yes… check! And colorful? I love the color, so yes, it’s all checks, so 100%.”

MARA’S MOM, GRACE: “I like it kasi it’s asymmetrical and this is something I would wear. …I don’t usually wear ganitong earrings, …but I love the color.”

MAIA’S MOM, LIEZL: “It’s so me! I like that it’s off shoulder… and [the neckline is] kinda v… It’s actually what I usually wear, …It’s black, and I don’t know, I have this thing for one-piece jumpsuits… So yeah, it’s quite perfect.”


NICKY: “I would totally also wear that outfit and it also fits my mom’s style. …It accentuates her nice, slender shoulders, her arms, and her cool haircut… So I think… It’s the perfect outfit.”

MARA: “I like it—it looks very elegant on her. …I can imagine her wearing it when she goes out with my dad, when she goes out with her friends… or when she goes out with us, like to have a nice dinner together… It’s something that my mom would wear talaga.”

MAIA: “I feel like it’s really something she already owns, and I like that with the earrings, there’s a little color… But yeah, like she said, it’s very her.”

What are your favorite looks for your mom? Share them with us in the comments section!

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