Whey protein has been a workout staple for so long, it’s pretty much synonymous with building lean, long muscles. But if you’re new to the whole fitness thing, you’re probably wondering: why is it considered a health and wellness MVP?

Protein—known as the “building blocks of life”—helps the body build and repair muscle, tissue, and skin. Whey protein, in particular, is the “leftover liquid” after the milk has been curdled and strained. It’s one of the two proteins found in milk (the other one being casein).
Compared to other sources of protein, whey gets absorbed faster by your digestive system. This protein type also helps in weight loss as it builds lean muscle mass, which is beneficial for speeding up the metabolism.

Outside the gym, whey protein offers other benefits, too. This includes lowering blood pressure and reducing symptoms of stress and depression.
Every serving (30g) of Wheyl Nutrition Co.’s whey protein powders contains around 21 to 23g of protein. For a quick comparison, that’s about 4 hard-boiled eggs or 7 tablespoons of peanut butter!

Curious? Us, too—so we got two BeautyMNL team members, Angie and Ayana, to try out the Wheyl Nutrition Co. to see exactly what they can do. Here’s what happened!


For this experiment, I drank a serving of Wheyl Nutrition Co.’s whey protein powders after working out for two weeks. Here’s what I noticed:
1. I didn’t experience post-workout soreness. After a short hiatus, I started spinning again. I already expected to feel that “my-legs-feel-like-jello!” feeling. Surprisingly, it didn’t happen! Thanks to the fast-digesting properties of whey protein, it helped boost muscle recovery and reduce the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

After the major holiday binge during Easter break, I joined a back-to-back spin class. Again, I expected to be completely exhausted right after but surprisingly, my body felt energized. It might have been the rush of endorphins, but never did I feel exhausted after a workout.

2. I felt stronger. My strength training also benefited from taking whey protein. By the end of the second week, I was able to move up from my standard 15 lb. kettlebell to a 18 lb. one! I still struggle with certain exercises, but hey, at least there’s an improvement!

3. I stopped overeating. Because I drank whey right after workouts, I didn’t go overboard with my post-workout meal because I already felt full! When I took it after my workouts at night, I would only eat half of my dinner. On days when I worked out in the morning, I would include fruits and greens in my protein smoothie. This kept me full until lunchtime! Whey protein really did wonders for controlling my ravenous post-workout appetite.


For my part, I decided to experiment with Wheyl Nutrition Co.’s whey protein powders as meal replacements for two weeks. I chose to replace my dinners. Here’s what I learned:
1. It wasn’t hard at all. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for the last three months, with 11AM to 7PM being my “eating window.” This might’ve had a lot to do with how I breezed through this experiment. See, I get the bulk of my calories from lunch and afternoon snacks. As a result, now my body’s conditioned to expect and prefer a light dinner. It’s just the way my appetite works now, so consuming just protein shakes instead of a full meal was easy-peasy.

2. The shakes were very filling and tasty. Despite having been fasting for three months already, there are still mornings where I feel so hungry that I’m tempted to break my fast early. When I was having protein shakes for dinner, though, I didn’t have this problem at all. Not only were they easy on the palate (the Melon Milk flavor was my favorite!), I found that they were also satiating enough to carry me through to lunch the next day!

3. They won’t work as substitutes for every meal. As nutritious as whey is (containing all essential amino acids for muscle growth!), your body still needs whole foods for vitamins and minerals. So throughout this experiment, I made sure to have a good amount of greens, fruit, healthy fats, and whole grains in my other meals to compensate. I certainly wouldn’t recommend replacing all your meals with protein shakes, as that could prove unhealthy in the long run.

4. I lost three pounds on this diet. Now, the weight loss could be attributed to a number of things. Between the intermittent fasting, healthy meals, and the extra protein, I can’t pinpoint exactly what caused it. All I know is all three of these together resulted in me losing over a kilo in two weeks. Not exactly surprising, since whey protein is a popular supplement choice among people looking to shed some pounds!
All that said, if you’re curious about whey protein as a meal replacement, consult with your physician to see if this diet is compatible with your current stats. Personally, I simply played it by ear and didn’t notice any adverse side effects. If you want to go about it the same way, just be sure to pay attention to the way your body reacts throughout the process.


ANGIE: “Heck yeah! Prior this experiment, I was always a bit apprehensive about whey protein. The other whey protein brands looked intimidating, like it was marketed to ripped, muscular men only. On the other hand, Wheyl Nutrition Co. looked friendly. (Its cute whale mascot also helped!).

But of course, it’s not right to judge a product by its cover. Two weeks was enough to convince me to continue taking it. I definitely felt an improvement in my workout performance, and it also really helped control my appetite. Two weeks is too soon to notice anything significant in my body shape, but I’ll continue to take it to see if it’ll help me achieve my personal goal of developing lean muscle mass.
The flavors were also delicious. My personal favorite was the Naked White because of its light, creamy flavor. It kind of reminded me of low-fat milk! It’s great on its own, but it can also compliment your smoothie staples.

At around 23 grams of protein per serving, Wheyl offers an easy way to increase your protein intake, which is important for those with active lifestyles. Plus, it only costs P36 per serving!

AYANA: “I definitely will! Now that this experiment is over, I’m sure I’ll be a little more lenient with my dinners for the sake of variety. I did miss eating whatever I was in the mood for. But I know I’ll still be reaching for these protein shakes on those extra lazy nights. After all, nothing beats how convenient they are! You just mix a scoopful of the powder with water (or milk, if you want it to be extra creamy), and you’ve got yourself a satisfying treat you could chug anytime you’re in need of protein. Plus, if it’ll help me burn fat and build muscle, I certainly wouldn’t mind the leaner frame!”

So, would you incorporate whey protein into your diet?

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