When it comes to enjoying food, seasonings like ketchup and soy sauce add to the pleasure of an experience for sure. That being said, it’s easy to see how these condiments can be less-than-healthy for us considering the chemicals and preservatives in them.

Coming to the rescue is 7Grains, a proudly local company focused on producing healthy, convenient, and affordable versions of our favorite seasonings and snacks. Their products have way less sodium and sugar than their “regular” counterparts found in supermarkets, and they are completely free of artificial colors, flavor enhancers, and chemical preservatives. Instead, 7Grains formulates their products with honest, whole-food, nutrient-dense ingredients.

The end result? Nourishing, satisfying food products that are wonderful on the palate, great for the body, and wallet-friendly! Even Heart Evangelista is a fan.

Although 7Grains has an assortment of products ranging from sauces, seasonings, pastas, and even a peanut butter, here we try their rave-review crowd pleasers: Skinny Protein Aminos (a soy sauce substitute), Skinny Tomato Ketchup, and Lemonsito/Calamansi (a calamansi puree).

Curious to see how these healthier, more natural versions fare? Check out our video!


1. 7Grains Skinny Protein Aminos (300ml), P300
Heart Evangelista sure was right when she praised the Skinny Protein Aminos. Lighter-tasting but somehow even more umami than its salty counterpart, it’s a delicious substitute for regular soy sauce. It doesn’t have any added preservatives, coloring, or salts and it naturally contains antioxidants (ten times more, in fact, than red wine!). It also has a wealth of oligosaccharides, which supports gut health and a happy digestive system full of good bacteria. Oh, and did we mention it’s gluten-free?

THE REVIEW: “The difference is that it’s not as salty, which is a good thing for me. I definitely prefer the healthier 7Grains version because I feel like I could dip more of whatever I’m eating into it, and I wouldn’t feel all the sodium in my mouth.” —Angeli

2. 7Grains Skinny Tomato Ketchup (300g), P155
With no added cane sugar and 70% less sodium than commercial brands, it comes as a pleasant surprise that the Skinny Tomato Ketchup is just as mouth-watering as it is healthy! Because it’s made with low glycemic coconut sap syrup (instead of high-fructose corn syrup), it’s safe for diabetics. Also, it’s vegan-friendly. Rich in antioxidants and lycopene, this preservative- and additive-free ketchup is a winner!

THE REVIEW: “It actually tastes pretty similar (to regular ketchup). I prefer (this) one because I like (its) more tomato-y taste. I don’t like sweet ketchup - I want it to be tomato-y. It tastes more real.” —Kolette

3. 7Grains Lemonsito/Calamansi Puree (300ml), P160
High in vitamin C, this bottle is literally made of just 1 kilo of calamansi. Yup, you read that right. No added water, sweeteners, or preservatives! Calamansi has a lot of benefits—it boosts the immune system, naturally cleanses the digestive tract, delays skin aging, and contributes to good eyesight. This can be used for anything, be it to add sourness to sinigang, tanginess to soy sauce served with dumplings, or even just to make calamansi juice.

THE REVIEW: “I’d give this a five (one being most different and five being most similar) if I’m comparing it to natural, freshly sleeved calamansi juice, ‘cause it really tastes fresh and not artificial. It doesn’t taste powdery or fake. I like it! It tastes like real, freshly squeezed calamansi juice.” —Marla

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